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Do any of the following sound familiar?

• You have reached a certain level of success in your business but it’s not enough to achieve the financial goals you have set out for yourself and your company.

• You have struggled with peaks and valleys in your business cycle and would like to see more consistent profitability.

• The majority of business development in your firm still seems to rely too heavily of you and the number of shifting priorities prevents you from consistent focus on growing the business.

• You have been seeing a decline in new customers for several years.

• The marketing programs in which you’ve participated have had disappointing or no results.

I help business owners like you focus on the right target audience to gain ideal profitable customers who do repeat business with you and promote you to their friends.

Often business owners feel they cannot afford to do marketing. Here’s the secret: you can’t afford to market to everyone. Here’s the bigger secret: you can’t afford NOT to market to the ideal profitable prospect.

The good news is that ideal profitable prospects are a much smaller group than the entire demographic you serve. And they are worth the investment because they are long term, vocal in their enthusiasm of your products and services, and are inclined to market on your behalf through referring others.

There are three types of customers that we all have: one time poor matches, customers of convenience, and raving fans. The smart business owner does not waste marketing dollars casting the net wide. The smart business owner zeroes in on the raving fans and puts a marketing system in place to attract more of them. That’s a winning strategy regardless of economic challenges. That’s the strategy that will result in a breakthrough for your business. And, it’s an affordable investment. That’s where I can help.

Working together, I can help you:

• Develop the template of the ideal customer and build a prospecting list

• Create a compelling message to grab their attention

• Write a compelling call to action

• Leverage the power of online, inbound marketing to further your reach

• Assemble a network of referring customers and professional partners to amplify your message

• Showcase your expertise and your business to place you top of mind and top of search results

• Fall in love with your business again

Let’s set up an initial call to talk about where you are and plot a course to a more profitable and professionally fulfilling business future.

Dawn Westerberg – 512-656-4527 – dawnwesterberg@gmail.com