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Getting People to Comment on Your Blog – The Real Secret

Online traffic factors into the number of comments your blog posts attract.

In a really good article on Boostblogtraffic.com, the post 14 Devious Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog Posts provides a very succinct formula for ratcheting up the comments count:

Traffic + Engagement + Emotion = Bunches of Comment

This is very true.  But don’t get too excited.  The key to this formula is traffic.

Let me put it this way, let’s say you’ve knocked one out of the park:  you’ve produced a blog post with a great title, the content is valuable, witty and easily implemented – your readers, never mind being delightfully entertained in reading the thing, are going to benefit in spades.

And you don’t get a single comment.

To make matters worse, someone else has written what you consider to be an OK article on the same topic, and the comments to their post has just surpassed the 100 mark – a mere couple of hours after they’ve posted.

Here’s the difference between us and them (for lack of a better term, let’s call them A-Listers):

For A-Listers, Traffic = 100K followers + book or multiple books + multiple keynote gigs 

For most of us, Traffic = less than 1K followers + no book + no speaking gigs

Add to that the fact that in every How To Rule the Online World-type article, readers are being told to comment on other people’s blog in order to get noticed.  Given that most people read the blogs of the A-Listers, it’s easy to comment on those blogs.  Plus, the time constraints we all face tend to preclude us from searching out new sites to read.

So, you see what I mean?

My point in writing this is not to bum you out, or to shake a virtual fist at the A-Listers, but rather to help you manage your expectations.  And, to encourage you to really appreciate the comments you do get: someone took the time (and we all are in the midst of a time famine) to read your post and then, God love ‘em, they took the time to comment on your post.

So here are four parting thoughts:

  1. Continue to write quality content and always be improving your chops.
  2. Place more importance on analytics than comments.
  3. Go out of your way to show appreciation for those who take the time to comment on your blog post (reply in a warm and genuine way, go over to their blog and return the favor, give them some RT, Like, and +1 love on their stuff).
  4. Write that book and endeavor to deliver that keynote.  😉

Good Luck!

The End.

Oh…wait!  Wait!  Please leave a comment 🙂


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