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What Pay TV Taught Me about B2B Content Creation

When HBO unveiled The Sopranos and The Wire, it was a revolution:  it certainly changed my viewing habits.  The quality of plot, production, writing, casting and acting raised the bar on what I required if I was going to invest an hour watching TV instead of doing something else.

Prior to this, HBO was the third stage in motion picture distribution, with films beginning at the theater, moving to (then) video, and then onto the cable premium channels.

However, HBO (and now other pay TV channels) made the decision to create their own content in addition to airing products from Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, etc.

In doing so, they strengthened their brand.  Quality content meant more viewers subscribing and renewing (after the finale of Game of Thrones Sunday, I can’t imagine not being a subscriber next year).

Who would have thought 10 -15 years ago that a redistributor could emerge as lethal competition for both Hollywood and the major TV Networks?

Think about your B2B website.  Essentially you are the producer and scheduler of a platform of communication.  As a reseller, you probably promote the products of software publishers.  Much like HBO 15 years ago, you are probably rebroadcasting content that is created and first appeared someplace else (your publisher’s website).

Is it time to begin creating your own content and bolstering your own brand?  The term value-added reseller (VAR) means that you bring something more than just a software solution.  There is additional value in working with you.  How is that value showcased and described on your website?

I believe much of the value you bring comes from your experience in the field, the precise intersection of real businesses and their operations – not a Q&A lab.

The questions you answer, the workflows you help produce, the problems you solve, the benefits that results – all of these things can serve as the basis for your content creation.  Tell a story rather than list a bunch of features.  Provide the emotion and description of the broken manual tasks that keep your customers from thriving.  Describe the success of technology solving the tedious routines and people solving the strategic goals of better customer services and greater profitability.

The information in those stories is precisely what shoppers in your market are looking for – the last they need is another product feature slick that leaves it up to them to connect the dots from problem to solution.

Helping them connect the dots, making it all more understandable and accessible, is a good way to add even more value.


In the second to the last episode (Blue Comet) of The Sopranos, Dr. Jennifer Melfi finally ends her professional relationship with Tony.  As viewers, we know that it is a result of a very unprofessional dinner with other psychiatric professionals.  Melfi is confronted with the fact that “talk therapy” actually helps sociopaths hone their skillsContinue Reading

AMC’s The Killing Falls Short of Potential

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Well, he was wearing socks

One of my favorite scenes from The Sopranos is Christopher’s intervention. The instances that each character brings up tells us as much about the characters as Christopher’s behavior. Adriana, one of the most sympathetic characters in the series, hates that his drug use is impacting their intimacy, and oh, that issue about killing the dog.Continue Reading