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B2B Marketing: Thinking About Social Media In A Different Way

Business owners’ opinion of social media falls in one of two camps:  they either embrace it with fervor or they are completely mystified that any one finds any value whatsoever in social media. It is to the second group, the incredulous business owner that I write.  Based on the number of times I’m asked toContinue Reading

Dude…It’s Google!

It started when I was on the planning committee for the Fall ITA.  As we put together what we thought would be good bullet points for a session titled “What’s New in Social Media” we all agreed that there should be focus on the then brand spanking new Google+. As fate would have it, IContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 12 10 2011

A summary of stuff I found interesting this week. Google Plus – Where does it fit? How best to use it?  Why use it?  The more I play with and research Google Plus, the more questions I have. One thing to consider – the moment I completed my Google+ account, it became the first searchContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Fuel – Part 2 Storify.com

When I was at the Duct Tape Marketing Gathering 2011, John Jantsch recommended storify.com as a handy tool. To be honest, when I first looked at it, I thought, what’s the big deal?  But as I’ve played with it, I see numerous applications for B2B companies. Like most free platforms, storify.com requires that you setContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Fuel – Part 1 Gravatar.com

This is the first in the series B2B Marketing Fuel:  Turning the gears of B2B marketing momentum.  This series will focus on tools, platforms and applications that help amplify your B2B marketing online presence. It happened totally by accident.  In order to provide everything requested of me by CitizenWire who is syndicating my B2B MarketingContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Surprising Survey Results

What are small business owners relying on to influence their purchasing decisions?  More and more the data is showing online content.  In a study conducted by Ivy Worldwide, on a scale of 1 to 5 here is how business owners ranked influencers: 3.71  Personal recommendations 3.52  Blogs and social communities 2.4  Consultation with salesperson 2.26 Continue Reading

B2B Marketing: Language and Revolution

I was reading* this morning and came across a fascinating excerpt quoting John Gardner: “The surprising phrase, ‘We the People of the United States,’ suggested a source of legitimacy and power that was larger than the sovereign states and inclusive of the states.  The words struck an enormously responsive chord in the emotions of mostContinue Reading

B2B Marketing One Click From Oblivion

A comment from Linda Shillingburg (on Twitter at  @lindamshi) at Open Systems inspired this post: The scariest part for me (and our VP of Marketing) is what you said here, “…if they go to your site and don’t see what they need – you’re a click away from oblivion.” We were discussing the info weContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 5 13 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: National Small Business Week starts next week and as usual, John Jantsch @ducttape has a great slate of events going on revolving around small business marketing.  I love the dose of fun that comes with this – you can be entered to win an iPadContinue Reading

Center of Your Marketing Universe is Website and Blog

It was my pleasure to present at ITA – and here are some brief notes for those of you at #itaspring Website and Blog shouldering much of the load formerly handled by sales reps and marketing folks: Address the pain points that prompt the buyer’s search. Give them a checklist. Showcase how you’ve solved painContinue Reading