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B2B Marketing – Brainwidth, Branding and Referrals

OK – “brainwidth” is not a word.  But it’s perfect for the idea I want to communicate and that is the ability of someone to perfectly refer you and your services. As I’ve mentioned before – I work a very narrow list.  The people who are on this list have all of the characteristics ofContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Surprising Survey Results

What are small business owners relying on to influence their purchasing decisions?  More and more the data is showing online content.  In a study conducted by Ivy Worldwide, on a scale of 1 to 5 here is how business owners ranked influencers: 3.71  Personal recommendations 3.52  Blogs and social communities 2.4  Consultation with salesperson 2.26 Continue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 6 10 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest: Referrals – I love them.  I bet you do too.  Why don’t we have more?  Because we don’t make referrals our priority.  Joanne Black writes on how to Adopt a Targeted Referral Strategy. The following inspired a lot of thought: “Before I started my own business, IContinue Reading

Prime the Pump of Your Referral Engine: Have a Plan for Your Rejects

It’s probably not top of mind, but having a plan for handing off business to another business is a great way to prime the pump for future referrals that are a fit for you. We’ve all been there – an inquiry comes in from our website or after a speaking engagement and the prospect (eagerContinue Reading

The Educated Referral

Years and years ago, my doctor closed down his practice in order to go into drug rehab.  (It’s true.  You can’t make this up.)  I loved him.  His waiting rooms were zoo-like and there were always long waits.  But I really liked him, cocaine habit notwithstanding. So I was out on the street looking forContinue Reading

Anticipating the ongoing needs of the customer

Nobody Talks About Boring Business – Part 3 Anticipating the ongoing needs of the customer I have been professionally associated with ERP Accounting software applications for over 23 years.  I have worked with solutions like Lawson, Open System, Sage MIP Fund Accounting and Sage ERP solutions.  These solutions stretch the gap between entry-level solutions likeContinue Reading

Referrals Pay Multiple Dividends

I was sitting on the patio thinking of what I needed to do for my business and my own development this next week.  It’s going to be relatively quiet as my clients are going to be out of the office at a major conference. As I started on the mental list, I thought, I needContinue Reading

A Culture of Buzz

In his new book The Referral Engine, John Jantsch writes: Highly referred businesses are good enough to make people want to talk about them, but they amplify this natural desire by making word of mouth essential to the culture.  Companies create buzz with great follow-up, T-shirts and other promotional merchandise, free events, outrageous acts ofContinue Reading