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PR 101 Part 7 – 5 Steps to Building Relationships with Journalists, Bloggers

What are you doing this year to build your awareness with journalists and bloggers?  John Jantsch asked the Duct Tape Marketing network of consultants that today.  Here are the 5 steps he recommends.

  1. Make a list.  Depending on your business, this may be a technology beat writer at your local daily newspaper.  It may be the main writer at your weekly neighborhood paper.  It may be someone at Inc. Magazine or Entrepreneur or NonProfit Times.  Figure out who covers your market, products, services, etc. and make a list.
  2. Set up Google Alerts for each name.  You’ll want to put the name in quotation marks:  “Dawn Westerberg” or “Bill Smith” – otherwise your Google alerts results will contain a lot of junk.
  3. Most journalists and pretty much all bloggers are on Twitter and Facebook.  Find out and make a list on Twitter and a list on Facebook so that you can easily follow what they’re working on, thinking about and publishing.  Review the list stream (easy via TweetDeck or HooteSuite) at least once a day.
  4. Now, find out if the journalist has a blog.  They probably do.  Sign up on their blog to receive updates when they post a new blog article.
  5. Start engaging by sharing.  Comment on their blog posts when appropriate.  Share links to the blog posts you find particularly interesting.  Look for an opportunity to introduce yourself and pitch a story.

Being referenced as an expert and quoted in a story that is written for your target market is a wonderful endorsement from a respected third party.  It also exposes you to a wider audience.  Much like referral partners – solid, value-giving relationships with journalists and bloggers can be a great source of business for you.

Here’s an example of where I was able to get quoted and was able to line up one of my clients to be interviewed.

What are your tips for developing relationships with journalists and bloggers?  Please share in the comments section.

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