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B2B Marketing Recidivism – How Defaulting To Your Comfort Zone Can Be Hazardous

Raising Arizona is a movie I’ve watched numerous times and one of my favorite scenes is when H.I. is before the parole board pleading that he has changed his ways and will no longer resort to convenience store hold ups. He doesn’t like liquor stores, he doesn’t like banks – when it comes to robberyContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – The ABCs of Google+

Considering that Google+ was in beta June 2010 and now has over 100,000,000 participants is proof that it is a serious Social Media player and that you should be tapping in to this large and constantly growing network. More than just a micro blog, Google+ offers rich functionality from the ability to create a linkContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: SEO And Content As Cart And Horse

Why do B2B business owners invest in SEO?  They know that people are searching for information.  It also annoys them when they see a lesser competitor outrank them when they do a search of their key words. Driving traffic to your website and blog is critically important.  Having an optimal search engine results page (SERP)Continue Reading

B2B Marketing – 3 Marketing Blunders You’d Never Commit Face To Face

Think about the most qualified opportunity you have right now.  Chances are you’ve been working with them for several months and there has been much information exchanged back and forth:  you’ve been asking questions to understand more completely the challenges they face and providing them with your insight and the necessary information to make theContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: Thinking About Social Media In A Different Way

Business owners’ opinion of social media falls in one of two camps:  they either embrace it with fervor or they are completely mystified that any one finds any value whatsoever in social media. It is to the second group, the incredulous business owner that I write.  Based on the number of times I’m asked toContinue Reading

Fall in Love with Your Business Again – It’s Valentine’s Day!

Since the tagline of my business is “fall in love with your business again” – it seems appropriate to invite you to give yourself the valentine of being re-energized about your business. So many business owners hate the idea of marketing, don’t want to talk about marketing, and it’s only when threatened with an emptyContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Get Clients By Understanding Who You Want To Get

Identifying Ideal Clients is one of the more difficult exercises I go through with business owners.  The demographics part is relatively easy and comprised of SIC codes, size of business, location, and title of decision maker.  Listing the demographics is logical. It’s when I ask about the psychographics that I begin to lose them orContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Is Distraction Marketing Keeping You From Getting More Clients?

About a month and a half ago, I upgraded from the free version of Words With Friends (WWF) to the paid app.  It could be a difference between the paid version and the free version or it could be that I inadvertently hit something in settings – but suddenly the siren song chime that usedContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Get Clients With These 7 Steps That Build Awareness, Preference, Referrals And Sales

The purpose of B2B marketing is to get clients, pure and simple, no argument.  How to execute B2B marketing to get clients is where the argument on tactics becomes heated. Here are some low cost, high impact steps you can take to get clients and do so in a way that doesn’t make you cringe,Continue Reading

B2B Marketing – Finally An Email List Of People Who Are Ready To Buy!

The list includes decision makers who have a budget, have the authority, and are ready to buy your products and services.  All you need to do is buy the list and email them.  Then wait for the phone to ring. If I told you that such a list existed – you’d have every right toContinue Reading