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B2B Marketing – Direct Mail The Thrill Is Not Gone

This morning I woke up eager to power up the MacBook Pro.  Two of my clients have direct mail pieces hitting this week and I want to follow the results. Yes, that’s right – I said direct mail. I love direct mail.  Good direct mail, that is. The hard and soft data on the campaignsContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Berserk Differentiation

So this story about a job applicant rejected by the San Diego Padres floated my way earlier this morning.  It’s raw, it’s stunningly different and it’s destructive.  It’s going out with a fiery blast.  Here’s the story (language warning). It’s a rant, the emotion of which, we’ve all experienced but shared only (and appropriately) withContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – In Uncertain Times ‘Know Like and Trust’ is Crucial

Business owners are easily spooked these days and it’s understandable. The economy is still rocky.  We’re headed into an election and just as Wall Street reacts to uncertainty, so does small business. When confidence about the future wavers, a lot goes on hold – new purchasing plans, plans to hire new personnel as well asContinue Reading

100 Names, Days, Ways to Grow Your Business

100 Names, Days and Ways to Grow Your Business View more presentations from Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC.

B2B Marketing – Marketing Miracles and Other Fairy Tales

There are as many distractions for business owners trying to grow their business as there are food temptations and excuses not to go to the gym for dieters. Great results require discipline and hard work.  The quick fix is never a solution and rarely is it cheap (money wise).  And usually it’s costly (time wise). Continue Reading

B2B Marketing – Should Brands Take Stands?

When I first read Scott Goodson’s article The Age of Uprising, Brand Movement, And Ad Backlashes, it made my stomach hurt.  It sounded so rash to me. Upon re-reading I don’t have a firm opinion on do I accept or reject this theory.  I just have a bunch of questions and concerns. Do we wantContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – The Most Dangerous Competitors Are Unseen

In battle, the element of surprise can mean that an overwhelmingly outnumbered army can defeat a larger opponent. Last week I sat in on a presentation hosted by Social CRM solution provider Avectra. Avectra works with associations providing software that helps with member management, collaboration and communication. They view their solutions as ‘weapons in theContinue Reading

Mega Million Marketing!!!

In my fifth decade on this earth, when it comes to my finances and assets, I do not look back over the years and think, “Man, I wish I would have bought more lottery tickets!”  I have thought, “Man, I wish I would have gotten into a savings regimen earlier.” Get rich quick doesn’t workContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Spring Into A Fresh Approach With Your Prospects

Spring in Central Texas is a wonder to behold.  Bluebonnets and other wildflowers are blooming.  Monarch butterflies are arriving.  There’s enough sunshine to stir up spring fever while the withering days of triple digit weather are still off in the distance. Everything feels new.  That newness is energizing. Take an inventory of your marketing andContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Is Your Messaging As Versatile As Gary Oldman?

One of my favorite actors is Gary Oldman.  I saw him first as Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy.  He’s played Lee Harvey Oswald, Beethoven, Mason Verger, and most recently as George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  He’s played good guys and bad guys, romantic leads and creeps. Our messaging, as B2B marketers, needsContinue Reading