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For B2B Small Business Meaningful Differentiation Can Be Found In Little Things

One of the most difficult things for B2B business owners is finding key differentiators.  It’s a struggle often abandoned. But if you can find one or two things that showcase your individuality, it eliminates the sameness of messaging that plagues so much marketing and comes as a breath of fresh air compared the vague, jargon-filled,Continue Reading

Four Common Failures That Strategic Marketing Helps You Avoid – Part Two

This is a continuation of Four Common Failures That Strategic Marketing Helps You Avoid – Part One 3. Marketing dollars spread too thin While less frequent than the one-off, sometimes businesses are marketing frequently, using a variety of tactics – but without strategy or consistency.  It sounds a little like this:  Let’s try email marketing.  That’sContinue Reading

Four Common Failures That Strategic Marketing Helps You Avoid – Part One

If I had a choice between $10 for every time I was told a particular marketing tactic didn’t work or $100,000 for every time I heard an admission that marketing wasn’t executed properly;  I’d take the former because it’s easier to declare that something doesn’t work than to face the possibility of practitioner error. (IContinue Reading

How Inbound Marketing Will Change Marketing and Sales

If buyer behavior is changing, how will that impact the responsibilities of Sales and Marketing within your business?  Quite a bit.  And if there are any silos, they have to come down, now. Think about this excerpt from Content Rules by Ann Handley and C. C. Chapman, “Most…buyers turn to the Web to access informationContinue Reading

Nurture Marketing Messaging

You’ve worked hard at your inbound and outbound marketing.  You’ve demonstrated that you understand the problems facing your target market, you’ve articulated the pain points and how those challenges are holding back prospective customers from taking their business to the next level.  They’ve read the blog post, registered for the webinar, attended the webinar, butContinue Reading

Strategic Marketing: Leveraging Your List

The most valuable asset at your disposal is your list. Unfortunately, most people do not devote enough time and energy to the maintenance and segmentation of their list, resulting in watered down messaging, marketing dollars spent on the wrong contacts, and anemic results. What are the three tiers of lists? The first tier is theContinue Reading

Rock, Paper, Scissors…Digital?

I read an article (Paper Beats Digital for Emotion) that affirmed something I have long suspected:  print is not dead. Let me elaborate a bit:  most professional service companies I run into have all but entirely abandoned print (direct mail, printed newsletters, etc.) in favor of what is perceived to be the much more affordableContinue Reading

B2B Lead Generation Part 1: Rule Of Three

As a marketing consultant, I get the panic call frequently.  A business owner has wrapped up a large project and is getting around to checking on other areas of the business only to discover the pipeline is anemic or empty.  “We need to find business and we need to find it now” is the gistContinue Reading