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Junk Drawer 25 – Confessions of a Killer

Deer Salad

I don’t want to kill them.  I’m speaking of my patio plants.  I work earnestly to keep them alive and thriving, sparing no expense when it comes to plant food and monitoring to make sure they have adequate (but not too much) water.

(On another note – speaking of water – do any of you have “the neighbor” who simply refuses to believe that any of the rules apply to them?  In the midst of the worst drought since the 40s, and with watering restrictions in place for months, I’ve got a neighbor who is compulsively watering.  Every day.  First thing in the morning.  Late in the afternoon.  During peak heat hours.  Where are the LCRA SWAT teams?!  Where is Lakeway MUD?!  Where are Lakeway PD and their tasers?!  That’s what I want to know.)

Deer Dessert

Well, what with the heat from hell this summer and the perennial, ubiquitous deer – I have been fighting a losing battle with regard to the patio plants.  That didn’t keep me from the Home Depot nursery checkout line this morning – like Odysseus being drawn by the sound of the Sirens, and unlike Odysseus not having been tied restrained to the ship’s mast – I was mindlessly drawn to the Home Depot nursery.

I circled the “heat and deer resistant” palette of offerings suspiciously.  I’ve been down this lane of false advertising and empty promises before.  The poet Milton came to mind.  Specifically “Sweet bird, that shunn’st the noise of folly/ Most musical, most melancholy!”

Mountain Dew for Birds

So with that I postponed the plant selection and went in search of hummingbird feeders and red liquid stuff.  I discovered that a company called “Perky Pet” makes the hummingbird “nectar.”  It’s sucrose.  Mountain Dew for birds.  So that went into the cart.

Dying Geranium

And I’m back circling the “Heat tolerant, deer resistant” palette again.  I make two selections – one yellow ($9.95) and one that is pink ($19.95) and trellis-loving.   I returned home and got about the business of repotting my new purchases – working up a sweat that would rival 15 minutes worth of my neighbor’s watering.  Then I dragged the geranium inside because it looks like it’s on it last leg.  There was a second geranium that didn’t make it.

So, I have photographed the day’s labor mindful of the fact that I may have just bought gourmet appetizers for the deer – and that by morning, having left the deer-free confines of Home Depot, I may have condemned these two to a violent, masticated end.

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