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B2B Marketing – 20 Elements To Finding Your Ideal Client

Before you put together a marketing plan, before you launch a marketing campaign, you must have a list.  This list should be comprised of those people who would make ideal clients.

20 data points you should capture about your ideal prospects

The more intelligence and connections you can identify, the better your chances of connecting with your prospective ideal clients in a meaningful way.

  1. Industry
  2. Title of contact interested in buying your products and services
  3. Size of the business (e.g. number of employees, annual revenue)
  4. Name of the person
  5. Name of the company
  6. Address
  7. Email

Then explore social platforms to see if they participate there

8. LinkedIn

9. Twitter

10. Google+

11. Facebook (note: many people reserve Facebook for family and friends.  It may not be the best place to try and connect with them at first, though you may want to explore Facebook Ads if people on your list are on Facebook)

I would use LinkedIn to explore if there is an opportunity to connect with them:

12. Are they connected to other people in your network

13. If they participate in LinkedIn groups, you may want to join those groups

Don’t forget about in person groups or individuals that you might have in common:

14. Professional associations

15. Local business groups

If you’ve discovered a connection through LinkedIn, look to get an introduction (versus a referral) from the person you know in common

Google them and mine information to give you get a better understanding of them:

16. Do a search on the business

17. Do a search on the individual

Determine the universe of ideal clients

18. What is the total number based on your definition?

19. Is there a sweet spot within that total number?

20. Can you afford to religiously market to the universe or do you need to pare it down to a smaller subset?


Chances are the kind of information you have on one contact will not be the same as another.  For instance, you may have emails for 20 out of 100, you may have addresses for 84 out of 100, you may have Twitter handles for 23 out of 100, etc.

You are likely going to have to use multiple media (direct mail, email, social platforms) to reach all of your list, so that will be a factor in your marketing plan.

The intelligence you gather from the 18 points above can be easily stored in a CRM system or a spreadsheet.  Using the information you gather, you can then put together an integrated marketing plan.

As you work the list, you will gather additional information.  Set aside time to maintain your list and it will soon become one of your most valuable assets.

Are there other elements that should be collected?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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