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Category Archives: Frequent Fun Points

The Junk Drawer 19 – One of the Levels of Hell Include “those neighbors”

I’ve often said that Home Owners Associations bring out the absolute worst in people and, in fact, I have revised my vision of Hell from a Dante-esque spiral of quaint old world tortures to a post millennial mayhem of HOA meeting marathons, TSA crowd control, and vuvuzelas. I am a member of a HOA.  InContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 09 24 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: Fascinating  infographic of the racial division of 40 U.S. cities. Nonprofits lead the way in Social Media deployment. Good post written by @RLMadMan on @pushingsocial ‘s blog:  How to blog with Power Speaking of power, I also enjoyed How to build a content time bomb.Continue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 09 10 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this past week: First I want to apologize for my little meltdown on the eve of seeing the CPA.  When I am completely out of my element (malfunctioning cars, taxes, math in general) I tend to freak out; probably because I realize how clueless I am.  SoContinue Reading

I Can’t Tell You Why (no baby…) Just Felt Like a Random Blog Post

Well, actually I can tell you why I am a Favre-hater.  There has never been a bigger poser to ever grace a professional sports league.  He is more fake than any professional wrestler.  He is more fake than Bruce Jenner’s last three decades of boyish good looks. He is worse than LeBron.  He is worseContinue Reading

The Junk Drawer 18 – What 2 million miles of air travel has done to me

The dramatic exit of the Jet Blue flight attendant (I give him 150,000 frequent fun points for grabbing the beer) had me reflecting on my approach to air travel.  It has been 20 plus years of lowering my expectations in order to get to and arrive home with as much of my sanity and humorContinue Reading

The Junk Drawer 17 – Top 10 movies that cause me to stop channel surfing

I don’t even want to calculate how many hours I’ve spent watching these movies. But I thought this would be a fun audience participation piece, where we fess up our guilty pleasures.  These are the movies I can’t resist.  Would love to know which movies have the same effect on you! Casino How could smartContinue Reading

5 Lessons from the Wolf Pack Speech

“Hello. How ’bout that ride in? I guess that’s why they call it Sin City. [awkward laughter] You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Doug home, I knew he was one of myContinue Reading

The Junk Drawer 14

Well, I wish I could tell you that today’s activities were the result of some testy whim of my muse, recently returned from a three day bender involving Night of a Thousand Stevies, an altercation with a Grey Goose sample hostess, a platform boot-induced twisted ankle and an unfortunate incident with a tambourine.  But IContinue Reading

The Junk Drawer 10

The last time I was about to leave for a business trip, the refrigerator was causing problems.  This time it’s even worse – electrical issues. Last night, I decided to do some deep cleaning in what was Beloved Nephew’s room.  So I moved everything to one side of the room so I could vacuum andContinue Reading

Remedies for a bad, bad day

We’ve all had them.  You get up thinking you are the pilot of the course of your day only to be derailed on the first phone call. As bad as that encounter was, sadly your karma is seemingly running on empty, because things go from bad to worse.  Then throw some household appliance or vehicleContinue Reading