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Pop Quiz – Lyrics & Artists

Just for the sheer DELIGHT of it

Pop Quiz – Season One The Wire

I am having a horrendous case of writer’s block today, so to both amuse myself and get the creative juices following, I have put together this quiz for dorks like me who love The Wire.  I’ll reveal the answers next week.     Prez cracks the code on the pagers After being denied entry toContinue Reading

The Junk Drawer 22: Reflections on Pop Culture and Awkward Social Commerce Situations

I was taking a break from work and caught part of an episode of The Sopranos on A&E earlier.  I will say this about The Sopranos:  it is genius.  Definitely from Season 1 – not sure if it was the pilot or the second episode – the scene is Tony and Christopher in Tony’s backContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 1 14 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: How do you become emotionally ready to accept that success you’ve seen others accept with ease? How do you stop yourself from thinking it won’t last? For someone whose narrative has become I can’t, I won’t, and I don’t, when does the expectation of aContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 12 03 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: A Two-fer from @MargieClayman and both posts absolutely delighted me. First, Are You Like George Harrison? – as always any reference to The Beatles grabs my undivided attention.  The second is How to Blog Like Keyser Soze.  Margie’s been running a clinic on great, attention-grabbingContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly New 11 05 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: I am absolutely stunned that it is NOVEMBER.  Was talking to my neighbor who is having a ton of work done on the interior of her house and she says, “I told them they’ve got wrap up.  Thanksgiving is three weeks away.”  And, by theContinue Reading

The Junk Drawer 20 – The 6 Most Fascinating Men on TV

First, let me acknowledge the fatuous title.  But I felt it was time for a little fun and a little audience participation – and nothing gets my blog visitors as passionate as a popular culture post.  Particularly a post that my readers feel has some real, glaring omissions.  So let’s go. In the category ofContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 10 15 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: Loved this post by @evenanerd on Procrastination. Several lines had me giggling. Music, graphic design, president’s physical fitness winners, photography – I am fascinated by those of you who can do what I cannot. I get lost in the photos and the emotions and thoughtsContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 10 01 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: You have to have a pretty interesting take to make this list, but you have be interesting and mention *me* to be awarded the highly-coveted, life-changing, follower-attracting, TV-sitcom-contract-pending, top spot on this list. @RLMadMan does both with c’mon. Vogue! The week’s most awkward interview:  JimContinue Reading