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B2B Marketing – 3 Marketing Paths And 2 Are Dangerous

I’ve seen it all too many times.  B2B business owners struggle with their revenue and cash flow because they’ve not done any marketing. But I’ve also seen the other end of the spectrum.  A business owner realizes the problem with not having marketing activity in place, makes the commitment to move forward with a marketingContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – An Ideal Customer You Can Fall In Love With

We were talking about content for his website.  The business owner was struggling with ideas.  He’d begin to float an idea and before it developed dismiss it.  “A lot of the time the customer just won’t open their mind to the idea of bringing in a new process or changing what the warehouse people areContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Going Old School

I bought rolls of stamps, 300 total.  I am challenging myself to reach out in a personal way with hand-written notes to the people in my ecosystem – including customers, prospects, alliance partners, services subcontractors, colleagues from jobs past, and online connections and friends. As I peel each stamp from the roll it will markContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals

Could it be that you are not getting the referrals you might because you’re fuzzy when you describe what you do? If a potential referral partner cannot get their mind around what you do and how to refer you – referrals simply won’t happen.  In a word CLARITY:  you must communicate in such a wayContinue Reading

Do the 4 Ps of Marketing Need a Facelift?

In a wonderful article by Lisa Nirell in Fast Company, she talks about how the 4 Ps of marketing (product, place, price and promotion), developed in 1960, may not be as effective for marketers today. Quoting Nirell below, she suggests that maybe 4 Ms are more appropriate: Market – The internal and external factors thatContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Content Pt 6 – Taking a Strategic Approach to Content Creation

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing founder, gave a presentation at Gathering 2011 on the importance of content creation for business.  He adds another dimension to the simple formula of more content as a means of boosting search ranking and links types of content to moving the prospect along the ‘awareness to conversion” continuum. Content thatContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – 8 Characteristics of a Good Consultant

Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses Ability to work independently Insatiable thirst for knowledge Strong persuasive salesperson Charisma Curious, diagnostic approach Values time Strong business sense These 8 characteristics were the center of a presentation given by Cidnee Stephen at the Duct Tape Marketing Gathering 2011.  I found it very helpful to review these characteristics andContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Duct Tape Marketing Gathering 2011

The network of Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultants along with Master Consultants Cidnee Stephen and Joe Costantino and Duct Tape Marketing Founder John Jantsch met in Kansas City for three days of workshops and best practices sharing.  And my brain is bursting. Yours truly spoke on blogging, Twitter and Google+ and other Duct Tape MarketingContinue Reading

Best of Both Worlds with Duct Tape Marketing

On September 20, Duct Tape Marketing will be kicking off a 6 month, online program called Marketing Catalyst.  This is a great program for business owners who would like to improve their marketing but cannot afford bring on a marketing consultant. It’s on an online, group webcast that is taught by Duct Tape Marketing MasterContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Why I Still Love Direct Mail

Save a tree!  Your direct mail piece is destined to be unopened, sorted and doomed for the circular file. Everyone wants to get their information electronically.  Who can afford direct mail? All the above are typical responses to the idea of doing direct mail.  And as a marketer, I’m fine with that because it meansContinue Reading