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Good for American Airlines

I have traveled more than 2 million miles on American Airlines.  When I read about Alec Baldwin’s behavior on the plane and then using the pulpit of Saturday Night Live to blast American Airlines – my disgust with him won’t go away. Here is American Airlines take on the incident. Baldwin didn’t want to turnContinue Reading

It’s Christmas time and I’m scared.

This is why Mercy Home is among my charities.  A teacher found this essay written by one of her students.  Mercy Home was able to help: It’s Christmas time and I’m scared. There are no Christmas lights up at my house. There is no tree. There are no presents and there aren’t going to be any. There’s justContinue Reading

The Big Shift – ITA Sessions Encourage Transformation

As always, ITA has delivered up a great slate of sessions designed to help business owners adjust, anticipate, and embrace change. Last night’s keynote “The Shift Age” was presented by David Houle.  He talked about many things including the Threshold Decades (1985 – 2005) and how they served to usher in the Shift Age, characteristicsContinue Reading


Living in Central Texas conditions are regularly extreme.  Extreme heat.  Extreme thunder storms.  Extreme ice storms. In the fall, usually a break in the triple digit weather punctuates the end of summer.  This year, following a record-breaking, extreme drought, devastating fires are punctuating the end of summer. There are grim news stories and alerts –Continue Reading

The Age of the Platform

There aren’t many days where I see repeated references to the Gang of Four.  But today was such a day. (I’m reading  The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell which mentions the Gang of Four (Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, and Wang Hongwen), Chinese Communists Party members who were charged with treason following Mao’sContinue Reading

Junk Drawer 25 – Confessions of a Killer

I don’t want to kill them.  I’m speaking of my patio plants.  I work earnestly to keep them alive and thriving, sparing no expense when it comes to plant food and monitoring to make sure they have adequate (but not too much) water. (On another note – speaking of water – do any of youContinue Reading

Congrats to Beloved Nephew!

Congratulations to Beloved Nephew who made the close and got the job!  He will be starting soon as an operations tech at Abbott Northwestern hospital. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and well-wishes his way from the day of his interview until today.  I really appreciate it. This is a picture of handsome Beloved NephewContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Fashion Statement

Coming soon:  Dawn Westerberg Consulting T-shirts.  That’s what I’m talking about! Take a look at these bad boys, available in natural American Apparel Navy, Gray and Brown.  They are receiving blanket soft and light weight.  Snazzy logo dots on the front and Dawn Westerberg Consulting logo on the sleeve.  No marketing transformation is complete withoutContinue Reading

Dawn’s World Weekly News 7 8 2011

A summary of things that caught my interest: The spammers and scammers never sleep.  Small Biz Survival sheds some light on an email scam purporting to be from the IRS.  Included in the post is a link to the IRS.gov site where the IRS makes it clear they don’t communicate via email and what toContinue Reading


In the second to the last episode (Blue Comet) of The Sopranos, Dr. Jennifer Melfi finally ends her professional relationship with Tony.  As viewers, we know that it is a result of a very unprofessional dinner with other psychiatric professionals.  Melfi is confronted with the fact that “talk therapy” actually helps sociopaths hone their skillsContinue Reading