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Category Archives: Dawn’s Jukebox

Separator Radiohead

My favorite from King of Limbs. Enjoy!

Dawn’s Jukebox – Carly Simon Touched By the Sun

Dawn’s Jukebox – Blackbird

Dawn’s Jukebox – Shower The People

Dawn’s Jukebox Body Talk The Wallets

When I was a sweet young thing – my posse and I would dance til the wee hours in uptown Mpls to The Wallets.

Dawn’s Jukebox Did Ye Get Healed? Van Morrison

When I would play Poetic Champions Compose in the car – Beloved Son would refer to this as “the Irish girl song” – it puts a jingle in my heart.

Dawn’s Jukebox – Silver Spring Fleetwood Mac

My FAVORITE Stevie Nicks song.

Dawn’s Jukebox – Fly Like a Bird Boz Scaggs

Dawn’s Jukebox – The Pretenders Talk of the Town

It broke my heart – when I posted Chrissie’s cover of Creep – I got a comment that the reader had never bought a Pretenders CD. Chrissie is the ultimate badass. And the Pretenders catalog is worth investing in. This is just a sample.

Dawn’s Jukebox – Tom Petty Face in the Crowd

Sorry for the commercial – this is one of my most favorite Tom Petty songs.