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19 Blogs and Websites Favorites that I Frequent

If I’ve ever shared my screen with you on GoToMeeting, you’ve seen that at any given time I have 20 -30 tabs open on Chrome.  Some of the tabs are projects I’m working on for my clients, but most of the tabs are websites that I frequent for inspiration and learning.

Here are the websites that I happen to have open right now – and they’re all very good.  Most of them are marketing-related, but I get idea from non-marketing sites as well.

Please use the comments section to share your online inspiration sites, sites that provides great content, or simply site that entertain and refresh.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing
  2. Copyblogger
  3. Grantland
  4. WH&Associates
  5. Rosie Media
  6. Heidi Cohen actionable marketing expert
  7. Pam Moore
  8. Leading Results
  9. Social Media Examiner
  10. Marketing Profs
  11. webbiquity
  12. Convice and Convert
  13. Grow
  14. Clayman Advertising
  15. The ERP Lifestyle Consultant
  16. Ed’s Blog
  17. Protein Wisdom
  18. Content Marketing Institute
  19. The Happiness Project

Be sure to share your favorite blogs in the comment section.

What Pay TV Taught Me about B2B Content Creation

When HBO unveiled The Sopranos and The Wire, it was a revolution:  it certainly changed my viewing habits.  The quality of plot, production, writing, casting and acting raised the bar on what I required if I was going to invest an hour watching TV instead of doing something else. Prior to this, HBO was theContinue Reading