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The Answers We Need or the Answers We Want to Hear?

Part of the genius of The Sopranos is masterful scenes like this.  Dr. Krakower is unflinching and unambiguous as to what Carmella needs to do.  And we, the audience, are in on the fact that Dr. Krakower is absolutely right. In a future episode, Carmella gets the answer that she wants to hear, sadly, inContinue Reading

B2B Valentine: Marketing Tactics that Last All Year

Decades ago, early in my career, a coworker shared the account of when he met the woman who was to be his future wife.  In courting her, he was relentless in making sure that his sweetheart was receiving regular deliveries of cards, candy, flowers and later jewelry.  His strategy? “If there was anyone she wasContinue Reading

B2B It’s How The Prospect Wants To Get Your Message That Matters

Obsolete? Or Just in Need of Recalibration? A B2B Business Owner Gut Check.

Yesterday I re-read Chapter 5 of The New Small by Phil Simon because I was writing a book review.  And I kept thinking about you, Business Partners/Solutions Providers/Value-Added Resellers. Simon has two sources of origin for The New Small business owner: They got their chops in the big corporate world before starting their own companies.Continue Reading

3 Tools That Help B2B Small Business Maintain More Control Over the Sales Cycle

Addressing common stalls that can occur in the sales cycle, early in the process, can help you to avoid the stalls altogether.  For B2B professional services transactions, the price tags are large, the sales cycles are long, the decision-makers can be numerous and always dynamic, so influencing the prospect in the way they go aboutContinue Reading

What’s Your Ambition?

There is a scene in the movie Jackie Brown, where the villain Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) comes home to one of the several women he is keeping, Melanie (Bridget Fonda), and finds her smoking pot. Ordell:  You know you smoke too much of that s___, that s___ gonna rob you of your own ambition. Melanie: Continue Reading

Google is Changing Buyer Behavior – Has It Changed Your Marketing Behavior?

I will be brutally honest here.  When I speak to friends, colleagues, clients and prospective clients and get on a roll about content – you start to glaze over. I understand.  I know you’d rather be billing for services, or for that matter, seeing to a long overdue root canal without anesthetic, than think aboutContinue Reading

In Small Business Marketing Relentless is the New Black

Earlier today I saw a Tweet by Tom Peters, which I wish I would have favorited, which said something along the lines that relentless was the secret sauce of success.  I couldn’t agree more. You have to be relentless in creating an extraordinary customer experience.  You have to be relentless in learning and using newContinue Reading

Leadership Lessons Part 2 – Always be Improving

While there are many valuable lessons that come with competing in a team sport (baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.) my brother, the swim coach, always encourages individual sports.  He likes the fact that in swimming, everybody competes and nobody sits on the bench.  Athletes not only compete against the swimmer in the adjacent lane, but alsoContinue Reading

The New Small and Why I Can Never Go Back to Big

I am slowly reading The New Small by Phil Simon.  The reason it is slow going is that every page has something that stops me in my tracks and inspires me to scribble down notes.  If nothing else, I am so very grateful to Phil for inspiring my writing. His introduction addresses the question HowContinue Reading