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B2B Marketing Fuel: Kanbanflow.com

Dawn Westerberg Consulting uses kanbanflow.com and LOVES it!

What if there was a simple way to:

  • Battle procrastination
  • Better focus
  • Boost mental energy

I’d say, “sign me up”.  And, I did.

While at the Gathering 2012, fellow Duct Tape Marketing consultant Rosie Taylor, Rosie Media, shared this great little (free) application for Google Chrome:  kanbanflow.com.

It’s a very simple dashboard to organize your To Do list that includes a Pomodoro timer.  The Pomodoro method suggests that we are more productive working in 25- minute increments, follow by a 5-minute mental break.

It works for me – it really works for me.  I have seen an immediate increase in my productivity.

The tool presents you with four columns:

  1. To-do
  2. Do today
  3. In progress
  4. Done

You may color code the tasks.  I have a different color for each of my clients and have listed all the projects and tasks in the to do list.  I’ve also included tasks for my business so that I don’t neglect (like I have in the past) making sure that the cobbler’s children have shoes.

Beneath the columns is the button for the timer.  Click on the button, select the task you wish to work on and continue working until the bell rings at the end of 25 minutes.

There is an accountability check – were you able to focus on the task for the full 25 minutes?  If so, press the button.  The timer will then reset for 5 minutes.  Time for you to take a break, grab a Diet Coke, play a game of Scramble with Friends, move the clothes from washer to the dryer – whatever you want.

Extremely simple and attractively designed, this has quickly become my favorite organization tool.

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