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Dawn’s World Weekly News 09 24 2010

A summary of things that caught my interest this week: Fascinating  infographic of the racial division of 40 U.S. cities. Nonprofits lead the way in Social Media deployment. Good post written by @RLMadMan on @pushingsocial ‘s blog:  How to blog with Power Speaking of power, I also enjoyed How to build a content time bomb.Continue Reading

B2B Lead Generation Part 1: Rule Of Three

As a marketing consultant, I get the panic call frequently.  A business owner has wrapped up a large project and is getting around to checking on other areas of the business only to discover the pipeline is anemic or empty.  “We need to find business and we need to find it now” is the gistContinue Reading

Catering to the Parrotheads: What ERP resellers and consultants can learn from Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett is a master marketer.  In a business where there are far more one-hit wonders than stars who have remained relevant over multiple decades, Buffett has carved out a profitable niche.  He has put strategy before tactics, and then crushed it on just about every tactic he’s executed. In the Duct Tape Marketing parlance,Continue Reading

What’s wrong with this marketing tactic?

Details have been changed to provide anonymity. (If application software were modes of transportation…) Cylinder Everywhere (CE), a dealership that has been selling BigBrand Trucks, SUVs and automobiles decides that they are going to take advantage of the BigBrand line of bicycles.  BigBrand acquired a national company with bicycle centers coast to coast and borderContinue Reading

Leveraging Performance-enhancing Platforms: Marketing and Lead Generation in the New Normal

For most of my career, I have worked with consultants, VARs and software publishers.  The post Y2K era saw a spike in consolidation for both the publishers and the channels of consultants and VARs representing those publishers. As a rule the consultants and VARs relied on the publisher to fill their pipeline.  Ten plus yearsContinue Reading

Anticipating the ongoing needs of the customer

Nobody Talks About Boring Business – Part 3 Anticipating the ongoing needs of the customer I have been professionally associated with ERP Accounting software applications for over 23 years.  I have worked with solutions like Lawson, Open System, Sage MIP Fund Accounting and Sage ERP solutions.  These solutions stretch the gap between entry-level solutions likeContinue Reading

11 DOs and DON’Ts for Alliance/Referral Marketing Programs

Do provide your referral partner with the information they need to make a good referral, namely, a description of your ideal customer.  I would recommend that you have a conversation with them so that at the same time you share information on your ideal customer, you can learn who their ideal customer is.  I wouldContinue Reading

7 Ways to Avoid Optimizing the Toxic

The number one marketing activity that I am seeing is an investment in SEO.  You always ask me what I’m seeing in the field, and I always tell you.  Everyone feels comfortable with SEO because we use it to find what we’re looking for. As I mentioned here: http://is.gd/7eH7Z looking in the direction of theContinue Reading

Getting Social Leads to Referrals

Those of you who have participated in Sage Sales Academy or Ninety Five 5 know who Mahan Khalsa is.  While attending Sage Consultants Academy, I received a copy of revised edition of Khalsa’s Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play (http://is.gd/9YxtY ).  From the book: One research study revealed that the odds of a businessContinue Reading

Make a Referral Week

This week John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) launched a week long campaign of business owners making referrals to other business owners  http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/2010/03/08/it-is-make-a-referral-week/.  This is the second year of this effort. John Jantsch has had a long time relationship with Sage and Sage Business Partners.  He has worked with the Fast Track for Growth program mentoringContinue Reading