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B2B Marketing One Click From Oblivion

A comment from Linda Shillingburg (on Twitter at  @lindamshi) at Open Systems inspired this post:

The scariest part for me (and our VP of Marketing) is what you said here, “…if they go to your site and don’t see what they need – you’re a click away from oblivion.” We were discussing the info we have there–and what we might be missing–and the reality that, if we give too much info, and don’t speak to the one thing they want, it really doesn’t matter whether or not we have it–they can (and likely will) perceive that we don’t. And we will never know about it!

Yes – we have to be obsessive and ever alert about what the visitor experience is at our website is.  No doubt about it.  That is a long and thoughtful conversation.  From a 30,000 foot level we have to realize that while we have to make navigation from the home page to areas of meaning and value for the visitor clear and easy, we also have to guard against having our home page so cluttered with choices that all visitors are confused and that meaningful click is obscured by all the flashing images, button choices, tons of tabs and sidebar navigation.

But I believe there is a great way to hedge this bet – house your blog on your website and promote various blog articles that speak to a particular pain point that your prospect can identify with through social media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (to name just a few platforms) have collected the audience for you.  Your job is to create, publish and promote meaningful content for those audiences.  A blog on your website is the perfect way to do that.  Not only will your articles help to improve your SEO through unique content with a thoughtful inclusion of key words, promoting those articles through social media, and as a result bringing people to your website through those articles  means that you have hit the nerve of what that individual is facing – every other page on your site they visit as a result of visiting your blog is yet another step of introducing the visitor to your business and solution as well as escorting them through the “Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, Refer” continuum.

So back to Linda and her company – since she inspired this post.  There are (at least) two types of visitors that they would like to attract to their website:  solution providers who might add Open Systems products to their portfolio and end users who might benefit from licensing an Open Systems solution.

Having a blog would allow her or her team to write content for each of those very different (with different needs) visitors.  So for the solution provider, a good blog article might be “We offer the highest margins in the industry – how you can benefit.”  And for the end user, a good blog article might be “What is the reason we have customers that have used our solutions for decades?”

Each visitor comes to/ lands on the website to get a very specific answer to a question.  The rest of the website is open for browsing.   The hook is speaking to a particular need.  The rest of the visit hinges on a very clear path of how to navigate the website.

Once those articles are written and published, updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with links back to the website, are a great way to invite a larger audience to the website.

Give the people what they want.  Think macro – who are the people likely to be interested in us.  That could be prospective resellers, existing resellers, prospective customers and existing customers.  What is the information that is going to be most attractive to them?  Brainstorm, survey, poll – do what is necessary to come up with a dozen or so articles that they would be interested in.  Then write those articles.

Sign up for, participate, listen and promote your thought leadership through the social media platforms.  Keep an eye on your analytics – through which portals are your visitors hitting your website?  What is causing them to click?  What topics are hot topics?  Brainstorm, write and publish more.  Give them something to download and building your asset of email addresses.

Give people a reason to be excited about you.  Give people the meaningful, helpful content that keeps them coming back.

And as I like to say “fall in love with your business again!”

What else would you recommend?  Share your thoughts and advice in the comments section.


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