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Category Archives: NonFiction

The New Small and Why I Can Never Go Back to Big

I am slowly reading The New Small by Phil Simon.  The reason it is slow going is that every page has something that stops me in my tracks and inspires me to scribble down notes.  If nothing else, I am so very grateful to Phil for inspiring my writing. His introduction addresses the question HowContinue Reading

The Scarecrow

Baby boomers facing unhappy, significant life changes, seem to be the common thread in the fiction I’ve read lately – that and finding themselves mixed up in plots of grisly murders.   In Exit Music it was retirement, in The Scarecrow http://is.gd/aNRmS by Michael Connelly, crime reporter Jack McEvoy is being laid off by the LosContinue Reading

The Five People You Meet in Hell: Surviving Katrina

If you feel you are being challenged by circumstances in your life, a few pages into The Five People You Meet in Hell:  Surviving Katrina by Robert Smallwood will provide you with the needed reality check.  It did me. This autobiographical memoir of the days of and following the disastrous hurricane that hit New OrleansContinue Reading

A Colorful, Consequential Texan

“The Soviets are not so much in danger from the West, but from the soft underbelly of its southern boarders.”  I’m paraphrasing something that Professor Theofanis Stavrou said roughly 30 years ago when I was a student in his 18th, 19th Century Russian history and 20th Century Soviet history classes.  He was suggesting something incomprehensibleContinue Reading