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B2B Marketing Formula for a Powerful Online Presence

We all should be striving to constantly improve our online presence.  Buyers seek out information online before ever picking up the phone.  They are essentially qualifying themselves.  Do you provide enough information online for them to see the value of working with your firm? Your website and blog should be the hub of your marketingContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Content Part 5 – Illuminate Your Value

What are decision-makers looking for?  How are they looking for it?  Chris Koch recently posted an article 7 Reasons Why Social Media Success has Nothing to do with Social Media which mapped out what decision-makers are looking for and how they go about finding solution options.  He writes: When we asked buyers how important goodContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: Content Part 4 – A Case Study

The long term marketing dividends of a strong repository of good content is something I spend a lot of time writing and talking about.  And, to be honest, it’s not the discussion that typically generates the most excitement among the business owners that I work with. I produce statistics and real life examples of howContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: Content Part 3 – Content Arms the Davids Against the Goliaths

After I had posted part 2, I came across this fantastic blog post, How Your Customers Can Be Your Best Keywords at business2community.com. It is a collection of quotes and a bit of a case study of the experience of Marcus Sheridan, CEO, River Pools and Spas.  And while my blog focuses on B2B versusContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: Content Part 2 – Timing is everything

In an ideal world, the moment your ideal prospect reaches a moment of truth: e.g. “We can’t continue to run this business on Quickbooks” or “I’m buried in spreadsheets and I don’t have the information I need to address the larger questions” – that is precisely when your marketing message would drop into their inbox.Continue Reading

B2B Marketing: Content Part 1 – Why Content is Your Best Marketing Investment

“When we are able to sit down with a prospect and explain the solution, our methodology, the strength of our team and share examples of what we’ve done for other businesses – we are able, 9 times out of 10, to close the business.  The problem is the number of “at bats” – we justContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Surprising Survey Results

What are small business owners relying on to influence their purchasing decisions?  More and more the data is showing online content.  In a study conducted by Ivy Worldwide, on a scale of 1 to 5 here is how business owners ranked influencers: 3.71  Personal recommendations 3.52  Blogs and social communities 2.4  Consultation with salesperson 2.26 Continue Reading

B2B Marketing – How to Write for Qualified Prospects

During the course of a day, week or month, your website has many visitors.  It could be a customer looking for a contact number or email.  It could be someone looking for information on an upcoming webcast.  It could be an employee looking for information to share with a customer.  And that’s great. Your websiteContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Your Prospects Prefer to Qualify Themselves

It’s a familiar story.  A business owner is consumed with working in the business and when a break in the action comes, takes a breath and begins to think about working on the business. I recently had a call with a business owner who has been heads down working on a deliverable.  With the offeringContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: Language and Revolution

I was reading* this morning and came across a fascinating excerpt quoting John Gardner: “The surprising phrase, ‘We the People of the United States,’ suggested a source of legitimacy and power that was larger than the sovereign states and inclusive of the states.  The words struck an enormously responsive chord in the emotions of mostContinue Reading