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B2B Marketing – Secret to Successful Marketing in 36 Words

So here it is…the ultimate formula in 36 words and 6 bullets: Identify your ideal target market. Demonstrate you understand the problem(s) your ideal target market faces. Present your solution. Share the results (success) of your solution. Explain what makes you different. Provide a meaningful call to action. The first thing you will notice isContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – What Do You Mean When You Say Strategy?

Exercise:  When thinking about business strategy, write down one word that you believe best describes strategy. That was the question Duct Tape Marketing Master Consultant Joe Costantino put before the assembled Duct Tape Marketing Consultants at the Gathering 2012.  He then shared that he goes through this exercise at workshops, boot camps, and speaking gigsContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – 7 Tips for Your Next Speaking Engagement

Speaking to groups is my number one lead generator and I am always looking for ways to make my presentations better. 88 hours ago, I learned some new tips from fellow Duct Tape Marketing consultant Glen Froelich (Local MarketSense) at the Gathering 2012. One of his tips was look to include specific versus vague detailsContinue Reading

Awards Night at Gathering 2012

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B2B Marketing – The Wonderful Journey of the Marketing Hourglass

I have been reflecting on the Marketing Hourglass – a concept developed by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. Marketing Hourglass Stages The Marketing Hourglass talks about the stages that your prospect/customer goes through:  Know>Like>Trust>Try>Buy>Repeat>Refer.  Marketing in the form of awareness-building, discovery, and education (proof of concept) dominates in the Know>Like>Trust>Try phases.  Sales overlaps onContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Direct Mail The Thrill Is Not Gone

This morning I woke up eager to power up the MacBook Pro.  Two of my clients have direct mail pieces hitting this week and I want to follow the results. Yes, that’s right – I said direct mail. I love direct mail.  Good direct mail, that is. The hard and soft data on the campaignsContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Berserk Differentiation

So this story about a job applicant rejected by the San Diego Padres floated my way earlier this morning.  It’s raw, it’s stunningly different and it’s destructive.  It’s going out with a fiery blast.  Here’s the story (language warning). It’s a rant, the emotion of which, we’ve all experienced but shared only (and appropriately) withContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – In Uncertain Times ‘Know Like and Trust’ is Crucial

Business owners are easily spooked these days and it’s understandable. The economy is still rocky.  We’re headed into an election and just as Wall Street reacts to uncertainty, so does small business. When confidence about the future wavers, a lot goes on hold – new purchasing plans, plans to hire new personnel as well asContinue Reading

100 Names, Days, Ways to Grow Your Business

100 Names, Days and Ways to Grow Your Business View more presentations from Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC.