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B2B Marketing Emergency Lead Generation (video)

Emergency Lead Generation 5-7-13 11.59 AM from Dawn Westerberg on Vimeo.

B2B Marketing You Can’t Automate Trust

Automated tweets.  Automated nurture marketing.  eMail blasts.  Auto-reponders.  Set it and forget it marketing. Lead generation tactics that don’t generate leads Buy a list of strangers, pour them into a tool, flip a switch and wait for the conversions.  B2B business owners seem to want cheap, automated ways to market to strangers – but thatContinue Reading

Find The Lost Dollars

When at ITA I had the chance to talk briefly with June Jewell, CPA and discovered that she had published a book!  I ordered from amazon and have been enjoying sneaking in a couple pages in between phone calls – really enjoying it!

Social Media for CPAs

B2B Marketing: You’re Never Excused From Heavy Lifting

Here’s the naked truth for B2B marketers: Consistent results requires consistent action (heavy lifting) Better results requires more work (heavy lifting) A story that Rob Johnson shares during his sales training classes is how he used to keep his list of prospects on him at all times. He’d print it out and carry it aroundContinue Reading

B2B Marketing: Preparing Them to Leave

If given a choice, I do not want employees. The largest team I ever managed was 17 – and it was a great team.  But when you manage a team for a big company, you quickly learn that there is much that will impact them that you have no control over:  from percentage pay increasesContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – 20 Elements To Finding Your Ideal Client

Before you put together a marketing plan, before you launch a marketing campaign, you must have a list.  This list should be comprised of those people who would make ideal clients. The more intelligence and connections you can identify, the better your chances of connecting with your prospective ideal clients in a meaningful way. IndustryContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Is it Worth it to Market during the Holidays?

During a long stretch of my career, I worked for a company that had an unwritten but mandatory rule that those of us with a quota could not take time off at the end of the month.  Which meant that we didn’t attached vacation time to company-wide holiday closing. It was a stupid rule, givenContinue Reading

19 Blogs and Websites Favorites that I Frequent

If I’ve ever shared my screen with you on GoToMeeting, you’ve seen that at any given time I have 20 -30 tabs open on Chrome.  Some of the tabs are projects I’m working on for my clients, but most of the tabs are websites that I frequent for inspiration and learning. Here are the websitesContinue Reading

B2B Marketing – Avoid These 3 Referral Blunders

Within a four-day period, twice I have been in a discussion where someone wanting me to refer a product or service has thwarted the process by getting defensive or being condescending about my questions. When I sat down to the discussion, my mind was open to, and excited about, learning more about the products andContinue Reading