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B2B Marketing – Going Old School

I bought rolls of stamps, 300 total.  I am challenging myself to reach out in a personal way with hand-written notes to the people in my ecosystem – including customers, prospects, alliance partners, services subcontractors, colleagues from jobs past, and online connections and friends.

As I peel each stamp from the roll it will mark my progress.

You see relationships are the lifeblood of any business.  Relationships take time, nurturing and effort.  They trump any razzle-dazzle one-time campaign.  They triumph over any desperation measure such as discounting, trashing the competition, and hard sell.

As a professional, nothing works me up more than those claiming to be able to fill a pipeline in 90 days.  They give marketing a bad name.  And it saddens me that business owners want to believe their claims.  Time has proven it simply doesn’t work that way.  What made you successful in the first place?  Relationships.

Cultivate your relationships. 

Beyond relationships the two most important marketing assets your business has is your mailing list and your content.

Success will come when you adhere to strategy before tactics.

Building a pipeline isn’t a one-tactic endeavor.  It’s an ongoing, systematic process that involves work, not magic.

PR 101 Part 7 – 5 Steps to Building Relationships with Journalists, Bloggers

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B2B Marketing – 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals

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B2B Marketing – Building Referral Alliances

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B2B Marketing – Give a Little Klout

Klout.com is an application that, when connected with your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts, measures your influence and reach and gives you a Klout score.  I move between a Klout score of 44 – 48.  A perfect score is 100. The formula for determining Klout is not without controversy.  But let’s park that issue forContinue Reading

B2B Marketing Networking Top Priority in 2012 #DTM52

As I look at the market landscape for 2012 and what I want to accomplish, a strategic overhaul of networking is the hottest priority on my list – for both my customers and for my own business. Collaboration is difficult for a lot of business owners, myself included.  The stars of trust, pacing, contribution, andContinue Reading