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Coyotes in Lakeway

Coyotes in Lakeway

Here’s the face that launched a thousand posts.

Coyotes in Lakeway – It began innocently.  A “The More You Know” type of thing.

A neighbor posted a picture of a grey fox – not to be confused with a coyote.  While coyotes can be a big problem, our friend, the grey fox will help to keep roof rats under control.

This was posted on a Facebook-like platform serving my neighborhood on July 31.  As of this writing there are 150+ comments attached to the post.  No suggested fate was offered for the coyotes by the original poster.

It has degraded into a kill versus not kill argument vis a vis the coyotes.  From there, it sunk further, plateauing on a Texas versus California shoot out.  I’m curious to see if it will die here or if it will morph into another Dante-like level of social media hell.

I am both amused and troubled by the commentary.

I’m amused when a particular poster will comment “a common sense comment!”  or “common sense comment and science!” which really just translates to: you must have common sense and science because you agree with me.

I am troubled when I see people bullied for having a difference of opinion.

Coyotes in Lakeway While driving home from Minneapolis, I listened to Ron Baker and Ed Kless interview John Stossel on the Soul of Enterprise.

In the podcast they mentioned a story Stossel had done on what would be the most effective way to prevent the rhinoceros from going extinct.  The answer surprised me.  But it makes perfect sense.

Too often,  solutions to weighty, important concerns are presented in an either/or light.  Think of the popular red state/blue state, conservative/liberal short hand that is used in most discussion of the issues (including coyotes in Lakeway!).

Admittedly, the rhino endangered status is different than (possible) coyote overpopulation.  But are we open to alternative solutions?  Could we settle for good but not perfect, good but not bad solution?  Is there some truth in notion that a good solution is one that DOESN’T have to be forced on people? Or are we so insistent that our preferred solution be adopted that we will go to the mattresses – regardless of the cost?

I have a milestone birthday on the near horizon.  I have made a pact with a friend that we will encourage each other to make our worlds bigger (i.e. look for new experiences).  I want to continue learning.  That includes challenging my comfort level.  My biggest fear is irrelevance.  And I believe stagnancy and irrelevance go hand in hand. I have to be willing to risk being wrong about some things, in order to expand my overall knowledge. I believe that what I do in the micro is far more important than expounding on the macro. Yes, I see the irony in writing that.   And I realize I’m rambling, so I will close with: it was never really about the coyote in the first place.

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