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Sage Intacct MVP Partner Marketing 2018

It was an unexpected delight. I was honored to receive the award of Sage Intacct MVP Partner Marketing 2018 while at the Sage Intacct Business Building Conference in Dallas.Sage Intacct MVP Partner Marketing 2018

Why The Beatles? Sage Intacct MVP Partner Marketing 2018

Differentiation. In order to stand out among a long hallway of exhibitors, Cheryl Strege, Skip Reardon, and I dressed as The Beatles circa Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Cheryl was Ringo, Skip was Paul, I was John, and George…well he was in India and sent his regrets. (Last year we attended as The Three Amigos.)

I provide outsourced marketing services for software companies, software VARS, and Outsourced Accounting Services Firms sometimes known as BPOs. I recommend a two tiered, integrated marketing approach that combines today’s best practices of inbound, outbound, and referral marketing.

Referral Marketing – Sage Intacct MVP Partner Marketing 2018

I presented some points on building a consistent referral marketing regimen within the firm as a means of building a pipeline of highly qualified leads that tend to close much faster than leads that come from other marketing tactics.

It was invigorating to see the enthusiasm for making a commitment to marketing.

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