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The Secret of Successful B2B Marketing Plans

B2B 1 Marketing PlanAre the best marketing plans largely comprised of online marketing?  Direct marketing?  A combination of both?

Is it necessary to do SWOT analysis?  Should you spend 5% or 7% or more on your marketing?  Or is there something else?

Here’s the secret: the best marketing plan is the one that gets done.  It’s the plan that is executed month after month after month.

If you’re not going to execute, it doesn’t matter what your marketing mix is; or what percent of revenue you budget toward marketing; or whether you marketing plan is on a mind map, spreadsheet or 3×5 index card.

Strategy before tactics – Who, How, What, Why and When

Who:  Ideal customer/prospect  (List)

  • What are their pain points?
  • How do you relieve the pain?

How: How will your ideal prospect find you?

What: What is the condition drives customer to buy? How will you communicate that you understand their pain?

Why: Why should they believe that you can relieve their pain?

When:  You must be visible with enough frequency that your message coincides with their moment of truth (their decision to address the pain with your solution). You should be visible to your ideal prospects at least once a month.

If you need to start small, start small.  You can always build.  Remember: you’re better off reaching 100 people ten times than 1,000 people once.  You can grow your list when your marketing budget increases.

If you know who you need to reach (ideal prospects), what they need to believe (that you understand their pain points and that you can solve them), and you communicate that message to your ideal prospect at least once a month (frequent visibility) – you will be in very good shape.

Just don’t fall prey to spending days and days creating an intricate marketing plan that will never see the light of day and be put into practice.  Be realistic about what you can do, and then hold yourself accountable.

Remember:  the best marketing plan is the one that get done.

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