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Step 7 – 10 Ways To Make Social Media Marketing Easy for B2B Sales-Driven Companies

iStock_000005864982XSmallIf you’ve populated your B2B Social Media networks with the right people, you have cultivated platforms with which you can be visible to your key B2B audience.  Social Media allows you to demonstrate frequently your competitive advantage and why your ideal prospect will benefit from working with you.

The key is cultivating the audience and providing them with content that is of interest to them.  The ongoing exercise of constantly bringing compelling content not only satisfies your existing B2B network, it also serves to attract new B2Bs to the network.

Step #7 – Stay visible with updates on a variety of content from a variety of sources

Think about and deliver what your B2B audience would like to see

Start with your own blog and website (but don’t stop there).  Harkening back to Step 1 – your website and blog are the hub of your universe; Social Media are satellites.  B2B visitors are coming to your website and blog to learn more about you – specifically whether you can help them.

Does the content on your website and blog demonstrate that not only do you understand the problems faced by your target B2B audience; you’ve figured out a way to solve their problems?

Most of the time, people address the second part (figured out a solution) without giving much thought (or words) to the first part: demonstrating you understand the problem.

Where to find content your B2B audience would like to see:

  • Your blog articles
  • Industry news (use Google Alerts to get regular updates on the key issues in the industry)
  • Share what industry magazines and blog writers are publishing
  • Your events (be sure to explain what’s in it for your B2B prospects)
  • Your company news         

Give attention to key B2B audiences.

–       Scour blogs of customers and prospects for good content

–       Set up Google Alerts for customers and prospects

Review this information regularly and share other people’s good news and valuable content.

Amplify efforts through coordination with referral partners

Work with referral partners – great opportunity to do a little reciprocal cross promotion.

-Blog articles


-Cooperative marketing

Some parting tips:

If you get a question – answer promptly, thank them for their inquiry

If you get a reTweet – thank them, in a way it’s like a referral

If you get criticized – apologize and correct the problem

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