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Step 3 – 10 Ways To Make Social Media Marketing Easy for B2B Sales-Driven Companies

Step 3 instagram and pinterestTwo of the fastest growing social media sites are Instagram and Pinterest.  The light bulb went on over my head as to the power of these platforms last May.  I had taken my niece shopping for clothes at Justice, her favorite store.  Upon returning home, she laid out all of the items we had bought, took pictures of them, and posted them to Instagram so that her friends could see.  The best leads come from referrals.  My niece was referring Justice to all her friends by sharing photos of her purchases.

How does this translate for B2Bs?

Step #3 – Use Instagram and Pinterest for visual presentation of your products and services.

Pinterest for B2B

Pinterest is set up in such a way that it is very easy to figure out how present your brand, products and services visually.  Where blogs allow you Categories under which to assign your articles, Pinterest provides Boards.

Set up Boards for eBooks, infographics, charts, events, How-To, etc.  Then think in terms of a picture.  For your eBooks board it could be the cover of the eBook.  For an Events board it could be a photo from the event.  You also have the opportunity to write a bit of copy (where you can add a link).

Current data shows that roughly 70 percent of Pinterest accounts belong to women.  So if your products and services are used by women, you definitely want to have a presence on Pinterest.

Admittedly, the overall content of Pinterest has a lifestyle focus – fashion, home, jewelry, photography – but it’s where a good segment of your target audience is spending their time.  Why not make use of the additional (free) online real estate to share good information?  And as with all social media sites, through your profile and links within your pins, you have the ability to create more link back to your website, which is valuable for organic page ranking.

Even large marketing automation service providers such as Hubspot acknowledge the value of Pinterest for B2B – here is a link to their article ‘How to Master Pinterest for B2B Marketing’.

Instagram for B2B

Instagram is an application for your smart phone that allows you to take a picture and share with the friends and contacts you have connected with through the application.  While it shares the philosophy of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ It has a more ‘in the moment’ feel than Pinterest.

B2C companies are all over Instagram.  Clothing designers invite customers to take pictures of themselves in the branded apparel and share via Instagram.  Like Twitter and Facebook, you’ll see people making use of hashtags when they share their photos.

As long as you can photograph something, you can promote it on Instagram.  So there is same opportunity to share photos of events, people, places and things.

Instagram users tend to be enthusiastic and regular posters.  They like to spend time on the platform.  Instagram provides easy to use editing and filter functions to improve or add a dramatic flair to the photos you take.

Because Instagram is more personal in some ways than other platform, I use it to get know people better.  The photos people share give you more insight into what is important to them.  When they share these interests, it gives me subject matter for small talk when I run into people in person at conferences or talk with them on the phone.  It allows me to establish a stronger connection more quickly than if I didn’t know these things about them.

Ultimately, people buy from people.  Instagram and Pinterest give you additional facets regarding the people you interact with professionally.

Step 1 – Your website is the hub, social media platforms are the satellites.

Step 2 – B2Bs should participate in Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at a minimum. 

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