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Step 1 – 10 Ways To Make Social Media Marketing Easy for B2B Sales-Driven Companies

SM hub satellitesIs social media just a lot of noise or is it a legitimate way to reach key audiences?  In this session we’ll cover the ways to make Social Media a business tool and a way to increase your brand awareness and participate in conversations that help prospective customers know, like, and trust you.

#1 – Your website is the hub, social media platforms are the satellites.

Online presence:  Start with your website

Make sure your house is in order.  By that I mean your Website.  Your website is your business card, elevator pitch, and corporate brochure all rolled into one.  It is the place where you should be showcasing your expertise, because people (at least initially) would rather search and read than be called or scheduled for a meeting.  Put succinctly:  they don’t have time to deal with you until they are reasonably certain you can help them.  Respect their time and give them the information they need to qualify themselves.  Your website should communicate what’s in it for them and too many websites communicate what the owner sells.

SM AmplificationYour website is the hub, social media platforms are the satellites

The reason it is so important to have your website ship shape, is that one of the best uses of social media is to drive Twitter followers and Facebook likers et al to your website.  There is no point in driving people to dusty, dated website.  It will hurt your brand.

But if you take pride in your website and have made it dynamic and rich with useful information, keep up the good work and amplify your efforts through social media.

Your website traffic will increase.

There is benefit is simply having social media accounts because in your profile you can include the url to your website and that will count as an authoritative link to your website.  Google page rankings take into consideration the number of links that direct to your website.

Once you’ve set up the social media accounts (the satellites that point back to your website), you can begin to build networks of followers that you can encourage to visit your site through updates that include links to the various pages on your website, for example a landing page offering a white paper or your events page where they can register for an upcoming webcast.

The more involved you are with your social networks, the more likely members of the network will visit your site.

Show up and provide value

By virtue of frequent updates your brand (avatar and user name) will appear in their Twitter stream and Facebook feeds – reminding them of you.  Half the battle is being top of mind with your ideal client; social media gives you the opportunity to be visible several times a day.

Experience has demonstrated that businesses are more likely to set up their social media accounts and then rarely get back to them – but every once and a while a new user will start and then get off on the wrong foot by over updating, better known as spamming.  Don’t do that.  Aim for 1 -2 updates per day on Facebook and LinkedIn and with Twitter you can away with multiple updates as long as those tweets aren’t the same thing over and over again.

Respect your network.  Provide value.  Show up regularly.  Have fun.  Those are the keys to a successful social media experience.


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