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You’ve probably noticed: I love TOMS shoes

I love TOMS shoes for many reasons – but foremost among those reasons: it’s great to buy from a company that continuously thinks about giving back and helps those in most need.

For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to someone in need. TOMS gives away 3 types of shoes:

  • Canvas Unisex Slip-Ons – a great all-purpose style (similar to the ones customers buy every day); kids can choose from a variety of colors
  • Sports Shoes – constructed for physical activity; supplements our Giving Partners’ programs targeting childhood obesity
  • Winter Boots – Fleece-lined, waterproof, adjustable fit; built to withstand cold climates.

In watching the US Giving video below, I noticed the love and joy that springs from giving.

I get compliments on my TOMS all the time, but even if I didn’t I would still wear them:  40% of the time I’m barefoot, 55% of the time I’m wearing TOMS and 5% of the time I’m wearing TOMSsome other kind of footwear.  The ones that get the most notice are the pink ones.

The brighter styles are a great accent, since I tend to dress conservatively.  The black ones I wear routinely when working outside of my office.

The orange ones I introduced while presenting at a conference;  I also like to wear these when working at events for Orange Leap (a client of mine) where the color orange, obviously, is a big part of their brand.  They look great with khaki pants, white shirt and orange accessories (necklaces and bracelets).

I’ve got six pair of TOMS as you can see.  Are you a TOMS wearer? Would love it if you shared pictures of your TOMS in the comments section!



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