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B2B Marketing You Can’t Automate Trust

Fish stand outAutomated tweets.  Automated nurture marketing.  eMail blasts.  Auto-reponders.  Set it and forget it marketing.

Lead generation tactics that don’t generate leads

Buy a list of strangers, pour them into a tool, flip a switch and wait for the conversions.  B2B business owners seem to want cheap, automated ways to market to strangers – but that doesn’t work.  Especially when you have high-priced solutions and services.  When I ask about what kind of lead generation results email blasts or automated communications are producing, the answer is negligible or none.

Before a prospect will spend tens of thousands of dollars on your products and services, they need to know, like, and trust you.  You cannot automate trust.

B2B marketing should foster trust

Trust requires high-touch, personalized, meaningful communication.  You’re actually thinking about the person receiving your communication – and you want to help them, you want them to succeed and their business to thrive.

Most of us who are knowledge workers – selling our expertise so that other may profits – began our businesses by interacting personally with prospective customers.  B2B marketing rarely involves impulse purchases.  B2B marketing acknowledges that it will be a longer and more involved sales cycle.

B2B marketing should cut through the clutter

We still need to start the conversations.  The best way to cut through the clutter of all the other businesses with products and services to sell sending their automated messages is to have completely different B2B marketing vehicles.  Rather than send yet another “look at this and let me know if you want to buy it” type of electronic communication, why not send a handwritten note or postcard that acknowledges them?

Set up Google Alerts to collect information on your contact and their company.  You’ll then receive alerts when they send out a press release or are quoted in an article. Follow their blog and explore their website.  Look them up on LinkedIn to see if you have any connections in common or if they participate in any groups or associations.  All of these activities, along with any face-to-face time that you have with them, will give you the information you need to jot of few lines of congratulations or acknowledgement.  At the end of my presentation 100 Names, Ways and Days to Transform Your Business there are 100 different types of messages you can use for your personalized marketing.

By focusing on them, and opting for hand-written rather the electronically generated, your B2B communication will stand out and be noticed while the competitions’ communication is deleted or opted out of.

Start small and grow your list.  Commit to one contact every day.  Within a few weeks, not only will you be noticed you’ll be engaging with prospects and moving those prospect through the Marketing Hourglass stages of Know, Like and Trust to the stages of Try and Buy.

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