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B2B Marketing – Secret to Successful Marketing in 36 Words

So here it is…the ultimate formula in 36 words and 6 bullets:

  • Identify your ideal target market.
  • Demonstrate you understand the problem(s) your ideal target market faces.
  • Present your solution.
  • Share the results (success) of your solution.
  • Explain what makes you different.
  • Provide a meaningful call to action.

The first thing you will notice is that no tactics are involved.  If you nail these 3 steps, whatever tactics you use will work.

If you can’t fulfill these six steps – do not capitalize SEO, do not invest in re-designing your website – don’t spend money on anything.  Be clear on these six steps and then chose the tactics based on how your ideal target market prefers to receive information.

2 Responses to B2B Marketing – Secret to Successful Marketing in 36 Words

  1. Mack Powers says:


    Concise and accurate. Reading this short post made me consider several items that I need to improve in my marketing.


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