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B2B Marketing – Direct Mail The Thrill Is Not Gone

This morning I woke up eager to power up the MacBook Pro.  Two of my clients have direct mail pieces hitting this week and I want to follow the results.

Yes, that’s right – I said direct mail.

I love direct mail.  Good direct mail, that is.

The hard and soft data on the campaigns has been trickling in which means today and tomorrow will be heavier due to the time of when the bulk of the mail is received.  The soft data is the overall increase in hits to the website.  The harder data is the particular hits to the urls the recipients were asked to visit in the Call to Action.

So far 11 downloads.  Website hits are up 15%.

Wouldn’t it be easier to send the urls in an email?  After all, the recipient could simply click on the link and be there immediately versus typing in the url?

It’s easier for the recipient to ignore email marketing.  So if they delete without reading – there is no opportunity to click on the url.

What direct mail has going for it is packaging, color, headline, get-to-the-point-quickly content and tactile reality.  Good direct mail.

You might be astonished to hear that this campaign is a postcard campaign.  Low cost, 4×6 postcards.  But the artwork on the front is compelling.  It’s bright, it tells a story, and it reflects the brand and culture of the company – it was designed specifically for this company.   It doesn’t look like the typical direct mail pieces.

The back contains maybe 150 words.  It’s difficult to write because it has to be both compelling and succinct.  It doesn’t require much of a time commitment from the recipient.  If they want to linger with us, they need to go to the website.  When the recipient lingers with us – we’re making more of an impression, gaining more mindshare.

In addition to the prospect list, we sent the postcards to channel partners and referral partners.  We want our channel partners to see that we are marketing on their behalf and that we’re getting the word out.  We also hope that our marketing efforts will inspire them to do their own marketing.

We sent the postcard to our referral partners to stay top of mind, so that when they’re talking to someone who could benefit from our help, they’re more likely to mention us.

In Duct Tape Marketing we have a mantra “Strategy before Tactics”.  By doing the heavy lifting of clearly defining our ideal customer, developing a compelling value statement, and writing for the benefit of the recipient (not just what we want to sell) – any communications vehicle is going to be more effective.

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