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4 20 2012 Dawn’s World Weekly News

A summary of things that caught my attention this week:

Margie Clayman’s blog celebrated its second birthday.  Margie has been featured in these weekly updated frequently, and I find it hard to believe that I’ve only been reading her for two years.  I hope she continues writing for many more years.

Google+ and the cool kids.  Why Google+ Needs to be Jay-Z  Great points by Mark Schaeffer – I’ve been hanging in with Google+ for a while and it just doesn’t have a “feel.”  My Facebook stream has a certain feel, my Twitter stream has a certain feel, even starchy LinkedIn has a feel.  My experience on Google+ has been very sterile and quiet so far.

Content Marketing:  6 Steps to sell it in by Michael Brenner.  Be sure to read the article and take a look at the slides (especially 2-4).  Content marketing is so so very very important for B2Bs.

Small talk is important.  Know Like and Trust applies to successful acquaintanceships as much as marketing. How to Come Up with Good Conversation Topics.

I hope to finish my series on Season 1 of The Wire this weekend.  If you are a fan, please stop by my other blog and let me know what you think of the series.


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