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4 6 2012 Dawn’s World Weekly News

A summary of what caught my interest:

I have often said that good marketing is memorable, valuable, and frequent.  It should have the ability to delight the recipients.  The Power to Delight by Jonathon Fields looks at this concept as well with the important reminder “Nobody likes being treated like a foregone conclusion.


Blogging is such a powerful tool for B2B marketers and it’s sadly underused.  Have a plan and write down your goals. For as Why You Might Be Your Blog’s Worst Enemy mentions, “your head is a dangerous place for goals to sleep.”

Think like a prospect or a customer when you blog.  What is top of mind with them?  What are the problems they’re wrestling with?  What is confusing for them when they compare products and services?  5 Creative Tips To Increase Blog Traffic And Boost Your Business

I love lists like this – 30 Killer Blog Post Titles For Spring.  It IS hard to write frequently, but when you have a list like this, it often triggers an idea for a post.

Content versus SEO

Whenever I get into a discussion about which is better – content versus SEO – I get worried.  SEO is the invitation to the party, content is the refreshments being served.   Content is the key to developing relationships and return visits.  Get More Targeted Traffic From Google With These 5 Simple Tips.

Baseball is back!  I will be rediscovering my Cardinals as we enter into a season without Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols.  Was watching the Marlins game and every time the camera went to the Cardinals dug out and I saw Mike Matheny – it was like ‘oh…yeah…Tony’s gone.’  Here is a lovely homage to baseball called Crack.

Are you a fan of The Wire?  Over at my old blog I’m doing an episode by episode review and synopsis.


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