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Mega Million Marketing!!!

In my fifth decade on this earth, when it comes to my finances and assets, I do not look back over the years and think, “Man, I wish I would have bought more lottery tickets!”  I have thought, “Man, I wish I would have gotten into a savings regimen earlier.”

Get rich quick doesn’t work in your personal finances and it doesn’t work in marketing your business.

This week a colleague sent around the marketing material from a company that offering a flood of phone calls and emails for using their services.  The website is exquisitely written – top of the line copywriting.  Delineating exactly the kind of pain, pinch and frustration business owners experience when it comes to lead generation.

They offer very little in the way of specifics except a pitch for content marketing: make a plan, write the content, email content to your list, submit content to online article sites that will “generate massive attention and traffic for your business.”

First red flag – no mention of putting that content on your website.

It occurred to me that with a team of talented writers, this company’s blog must be pretty remarkable.  There were 5 articles in total.  The most recent had been posted in October 2011.

I then checked out the FAQs.  A bunch of smart-ass answers.  Q:  What if your services don’t work?  A:  Cancel and then watch your competitors flourish.  Q: Do you understand my industry?  Have you worked in this market?  A:  One partner had a lemonade stand, the other sold medical devices at one point in his career.  (See they’re so smart and they’ve got such a foolproof system – they don’t need to understand your market.)

It makes me angry and it makes me sad.

Angry that there’s yet another racket giving marketing a bad name.

Sad that there are business owners out there that want to believe that writing a check and leaving it to these geniuses will turn their business around.

Really sad that there are people who would buy from a company that is disrespectful and talks down to prospects.

Just as you are better off engaging in a savings regimen than buying lottery tickets, you are better off becoming an active participant in marketing your business and committing to the long haul.

When seeking a marketing partner – don’t limit your due diligence to packaged video testimonials – ask to speak with real people.

When seeking a marketing partner – check to see that your partner practices what they preach.  How do they market their business?

When seeking a marketing partner – ask how they get up to speed on your ideal prospect, your market niche.  If they don’t rely on you and look to get your expertise and experience as the bedrock of the marketing messages and content – there’s a problem.

Don’t fall for the Bernie Madoffs of B2B marketing.  There is no quick fix.  Anyone who tells you that there is a quick fix – is looking to collect your money for 30, 60, 90 days and then move on to the next victim.



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