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B2B Marketing – Spring Into A Fresh Approach With Your Prospects

Spring in Central Texas is a wonder to behold.  Bluebonnets and other wildflowers are blooming.  Monarch butterflies are arriving.  There’s enough sunshine to stir up spring fever while the withering days of triple digit weather are still off in the distance.

Everything feels new.  That newness is energizing.

Take an inventory of your marketing and ask yourself – is there newness? Is there a freshness?  Is the recipient going to feel energized when receiving this?  Now be honest – the answer is probably no.

What change could you make to stand out from the crowd?  Thinking about your prospect, what would make your communication a breath of fresh air?  What would delight him or her?

Why not talk about them rather than your products and services?  A quick Google search (why not go all the way and set up a Google alert too?) might reap some great information on what your prospect is doing.  Or you might hear of his or her activity during the course of conversation, or through an association activity or at a commerce meeting.

Think about sending a communication that is completely personalized for them:

  • I noticed that you…
  • I was reading about you…
  • I am always impressed with how you…
  • Congratulations on your…
  • I saw that you spoke on…
  • Facebook sent me an alert that your birthday was coming up, so rather than clutter up your wall, I decided to go old school with a real birthday card…
  • I was talking to a colleague about how you/your company is always so engaged in the community and…
  • I met a customer of yours who raved about…

While you’re at it, why not deviate from email, and send something tangible, something packaged differently or in a brightly colored envelope, or on a colorful postcard?

Why not make it hand written?  Use a stamp.  Show that some TLC went into this note.

Not only will you stand out from the crowd, you’ll be memorable.  You’ll connect in a more emotion and longer lasting way.  You’ll give them a sense of acknowledge (if not pride) and give them a moment to reflect on the effects of what they’ve done.  Recognition is a small kindness that is so overlooked in the push to produce.

You’re efforts may take a little time to bloom.  But the results will be worth the wait.

2 Responses to B2B Marketing – Spring Into A Fresh Approach With Your Prospects

  1. Brian Mullin says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dawn, prospecting in the Buyer 2.0 ecosystem requires a refined approach to traditional methods. As a result of the access to information regarding our companies offerings it goes without saying that most prospects would rather cut out the sales person until it is absolutely necessary to get them involved in the process. I personally like to get their attention by utilizing social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and personal/company blogs to better understand what that individuals responsibilities may be and where their interests may lie. Showing a prospect that you’ve done your home work when you reach out to them goes a long way in getting responses. I also subscribe to the new letters and nurture campaigns of the other players in our space (even our competitors) to gain some additional insight to their approach to prospecting.

    • Dawn says:

      Brian, thank you for your comment – and I agree with you, when you show that you are genuinely interested in them, they become more interested in you.

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