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3 23 12 Dawn’s World Weekly News

A summary of things around the web that caught my attention:

Over at my other blog http://dwesterberg.wordpress.com/ I’ve thrown myself into a labor of love, an episode-by-episode summary and review of The Wire Season 1.  I consider The Wire to be in the holy trinity of TV series along with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad.

Speaking of TV – I really enjoy Game of Thrones – didn’t think I would, but I do.

Social Media

Interesting article over at Forbes – The Myth of Social Media Tactics Versus the Reality of Social Business Strategies – What do you think?

IMO – Business owners’ opinion of social media falls in one of two camps:  they either embrace it with fervor or they are completely mystified that anyone finds any value whatsoever in social media.  B2B Marketing:  Thinking About Social Media In a Different Way


There’s a Free Ebook from Hubspot The Ultimate How-to Marketing Guide by David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR (one of my favorite books).

Did you know 69% of Businesses Increased New Business Leads Through Blogging?  Read through this article by Michael Glass.

For a while on the conference circuit, Southwest Airlines was the Zappos of case studies.  Time marches on, bankruptcies continue, and Southwest remains profitable.  Great article in Texas Monthly Luv and War at 30,000 Feet.

Attitude Adjustment

A couple of good articles for putting things in perspective include Mitch Joel’s When The Going Gets Tough and Clark Haley’s Is This The End of an Era?

I would like to reward you for visiting my site.  I am not a spammer.  Those of you who have downloaded my white papers and articles have probably been amazed at my lack of follow up hounding.  Here’s the deal:  I’ve got a room full of swag, and if you sign up (I’m using PunchTab) when you accumulate points, I’ll send you goodies.  I’ll leave it up to you to let me know if you need my services.  It is simply Sincere Acknowledgement.

Would you like an article included in my Friday round up?  Please email dawn@dawnwesterberg.com and share your link and a brief summary – if it applies to my B2B audience, I’ll include it here.

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