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Rewards Programs – Sincere Acknowledgement Or Bait For Hard Sell?

Steve Lipton and Howard Fishman Sporting Dawn Westerberg Consulting T-shirts

I’ve added PunchTab to my website to reward visitors.

As I was working with my web designer Stewart Design to get this set up, I felt some hesitation – would this feel like a sleazy attempt to get information?  Would being asked to sign in irritate visitors?

I do want to reward genuine fans of the website with branded items that I’ve got on hand from various campaigns I’ve done – from pens to T-shirts to Teddy Bears.  I want to show appreciation – not corner you and commence the hard sell.

So I am experimenting with the PunchTab application.  When a visitor signs in, PunchTab will keep a running total for me of visits and points.  This will allow me to send out rewards.

I know through Google Analytics and StatCounter that people are visiting the site and what percentage are return visitors – but I don’t know ‘who’ they are.  The only way I know ‘who’ has come to the website is if they leave a comment or RT a link to the blog.

I am hoping that PunchTab will give me greater visibility and allow me to say Thank You.  That’s why I’ve gone with the branded items as rewards.  If the intention was to motivate site visits and comments and likes and shared links – I could have gone for gift cards.  But that’s not what I’m trying to do here.

Would you let me know your reaction to this?  Does it diminish my site?  Does it appeal to you?  What reservations you have about signing up – I not only welcome your feedback, I’m pleading for it.  🙂

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