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B2B Marketing – Don’t Let Expertise Get In The Way Of Enthusiasm

“Great question!”

I have a client who has an infectious way of saying “Great question!”  It’s not a crutch.  So many of us say “Great question” and without a breath proceed to address the question in a methodical way – kind of like checking something off of a To Do list.  But he enthuses about the question.  And it feels like together, we’re all exploring something remarkable as he pauses, thinks, and aloud examines the question.

It’s like he’s receiving a gift from you.

So here’s something to think about:  Can expertise get in the way of, or dull, enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm injects energy into conversations.  As everyone’s energy increases, the creative juices, the desire to get something done, the joy of solving a problem seem to take over.  Or as Mary Poppins said “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

Contrast that feeling with a more serious and clinical approach.  It’s a harder process.  When asked a question in this mode, people look to be correct and there’s less free flow of ideas.  The more we can get our customers talking, the more we learn about their business, their challenges, and their aspirations.  The more we know the better we can respond.

If you’re in the business of providing professional solutions, you’re probably delivering big change.  Even in the midst of business pain, people resist change or at least are wary of it.  Even if highly motivated, when you begin to list out the responsibilities and action items (for you and for them) for the customer it can feel daunting, heavy – extra work on an already crowded daily plate.

Enthusiasm and positive energy go a long way in lightening the load.  Are you giving your customers the gift of energy and enthusiasm?

(Hopefully you said “Great question!)

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