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Fall in Love with Your Business Again – It’s Valentine’s Day!

Since the tagline of my business is “fall in love with your business again” – it seems appropriate to invite you to give yourself the valentine of being re-energized about your business.

So many business owners hate the idea of marketing, don’t want to talk about marketing, and it’s only when threatened with an empty pipeline that they resign themselves to trying something.

If you’ve been conducting desperate, tactic of the week, marketing campaigns – no wonder you’re down on marketing.

But what if I told you that by treating marketing as a system you could:

  • Showcase the expertise you’ve spent years developing
  • Hear your customers rave about how you’ve helped them solve problems and take their business to a new level
  • Feel the pride that comes with a prospect declaring “I want to find a way to make you a part of our team”
  • Smile when someone says “I see you all over the place!”

And, you can fall in love with your business again.  Why not start today?

P.S. Speaking of Valentines – Here’s a post I did yesterday for the Duct Tape Marketing Consultants Network blog:  A Valentine’s Day Approach to Marketing.


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