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B2B Marketing – Give a Little Klout

Klout.com is an application that, when connected with your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts, measures your influence and reach and gives you a Klout score.  I move between a Klout score of 44 – 48.  A perfect score is 100.

The formula for determining Klout is not without controversy.  But let’s park that issue for the purposes of this discussion and instead explore how Klout can be used as part of an overall recipe for creating an environment conducive to giving and receiving referrals and how Klout can be used to help us Know Like and Trust others and help others Know Like and Trust us.

Here are articles and video that helped me better understand how Klout works.  I hope you find them helpful as well.

After you have set up your Klout account, you can earn points that you can then give to others.  Perhaps you’ve seen Tweets like “I just gave K+ to [Twitter User Name] for [area of expertise].”

You can earn points just for checking your Klout account on a regular basis.  Others can give you Klout points.  If you promote Klout through “liking” them on Facebook or following them on Twitter – you get Klout points.

I go in to my Klout account and check to see if I have points to give away – and then I award them to folks.  I give Klout to people that have Re-Tweeted my Tweets.  I give Klout to customers and prospects.  If I read a blog post that is helpful to me, I will give Klout to the author.  If I participate in a Tweet Chat and another participant shares great information, I’ll give them Klout.

You get the idea.

Sharing Klout is an easy, painless and free way to give something of value to online connections.  I don’t give and then keep track of whether they return the favor – but rather “give to get” in a more universal sense.  By giving first, it probably puts me on their radar.  And I hope it demonstrates that I am willing to showcase others and promote them.  That’s the key.  I want to create an environment that shows I’m interested in referring others and would welcome them referring me.

Do you believe in “give to get”?  How do you use Klout?  What are you reservations about Klout?  Do you see other benefits of Klout not mentioned here?  Please share in the comments section.


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