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B2B Marketing Networking Top Priority in 2012 #DTM52

As I look at the market landscape for 2012 and what I want to accomplish, a strategic overhaul of networking is the hottest priority on my list – for both my customers and for my own business.

Collaboration is difficult for a lot of business owners, myself included.  The stars of trust, pacing, contribution, and results have all got to line up.  If someone isn’t pulling their weight or making the meetings or completing their action items – it can all unravel pretty fast.  I know this from first hand experience – being both the victim and the perpetrator as I look back at some false starts.

But it’s hard to go it alone.  The fact of the matter is the boat will move faster and farther if you have others helping you row towards the goal.

Having an energized, coordinated, and collaborative referring network is the way to go.  The concept is not new – ask any business owners the best source of leads that result in closed business and referrals is the number one answer.  I’ve yet to have anyone mention anything else.

I want 2012 to be the year that business owners go beyond simply acknowledging referrals and begin to strategically cultivate an environment that leads to more referrals.

Social Media is a very powerful tool for promoting our networks and giving visibility to our network partners.  Very few people use it that way though.

This blog post marks the first of #52Weeks – where I will share tips for ways to strengthen networks, leverage tools, cross-promote and cultivate more referrals.

I welcome guest bloggers who are interesting in sharing their networking tips – just email me dawn@dawnwesterberg.com and give me an idea of what you’d like to write about.  Or, if you already have posts that address this, please use the hashtag #52Weeks to share on Twitter.

Let’s make 2012 an incredible and collaborative success!

3 Responses to B2B Marketing Networking Top Priority in 2012 #DTM52

  1. AJ says:

    This is a great idea Dawn!

  2. Bill Doerr says:

    I’m with you both on this! Great idea

  3. Great clarity about the need for more focus and reflection on what works! I have also learned that most business owners/leaders have great intentions, but until/unless we are building our brand and helping fulfill our mission — we must cut the fat and add a few more SMART connections.

    Checking my list and focused on making meaningful B2B/Networking connections in person this year as well.

    Looking forward to the #52Weeks tips!

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