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Dude…It’s Google!

It started when I was on the planning committee for the Fall ITA.  As we put together what we thought would be good bullet points for a session titled “What’s New in Social Media” we all agreed that there should be focus on the then brand spanking new Google+.

As fate would have it, I ended up being the assigned speaker.  I had a Google+ account but by no means considered myself an expert.  So when I received the speaking assignment, I cranked up my research and reading, so that I wouldn’t look like an idiot recklessly given a lavaliere microphone.

I set up Google Alerts for Google+.  I ordered and read Jesse Stay’s Google+ for Dummies.  I reached out to colleagues and online communities.  But the jury was out.

When I talked to people it all boiled down to “You just can’t rule Google out.  I’m not sure where the chips will fall…but Dude…it’s Google!”

What I observed immediately is that Google+ Circles gives you the ability to match message with audience.  And that’s nothing to sneeze at.  I can recall when Twitter lists functionality was made available and I was scratching my head because the creation of lists did not equate to the segmentation of messaging to lists.  Facebook does it a bit better – but Google hit a home run with Circles when it comes to targeted messaging.

The second thing I observed is that my Google+ presence appears in the top 5 search results.  When I search on my name, my Google+ account comes up first.  I’ve searched on others who are using Google+ and their Google+ accounts are coming up in the top 5 – 10 organic listings.

That’s significant…but…is that all there is?

I have continued to watch and wait.  I have counseled clients to set up Google+ accounts.   But with a constant nagging feeling that I must be missing something.

Then I read Why Google Plus Pages Should Make You Cranky But Can’t Be Ignored and felt relief.  It wasn’t just me.

I saw that Chris Brogan has a book on Google+ newly available – Google+ for Business:  How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything that I am very much looking forward to reading.

Please share your input on Google+ in the comments section – I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 Responses to Dude…It’s Google!

  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Tried it, as I try most social and tech new things, dumped it after I couldn’t dig up added value from what I was already doing. I might try it again in a few months, we will see.

  2. AJ says:

    Nice article Dawn:)
    I think everyone, ok a lot of people, are working on their Google + strategy and tactics. Lots of assumptions, but not enough data to be conclusive….yet.
    Like you said, “Dude, it’s Google.”
    Be awesome,

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