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Dawn’s World Weekly News 12 10 2011

A summary of stuff I found interesting this week.

Google Plus – Where does it fit? How best to use it?  Why use it?  The more I play with and research Google Plus, the more questions I have.

One thing to consider – the moment I completed my Google+ account, it became the first search result offered up on “Dawn Westerberg.”  The moment I created a Google+ page for Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC, if became the first search result offered up for “Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC.”

Keep an eye and business page on Google Plus by Brain Cuda.  A short but helpful summary on pros and cons of Google Plus and why you need to have a page.

Computerworld  Why Google+ will become Google’s only product.

Google Panda, Google+, and other search events of 2011

Business Insider Google+ Tips and News

Google Plus for Business – 3 reasons to use it. 

PC World Twitter, Facebook, Google+:  Which business page is best?

Twitter redesigns aimed to take on Facebook, Google Plus.  I haven’t seen the new “New” Twitter, but here is news piece on why there is a new Twitter.

What’s your take on Google Plus – and where do you see it fitting within your marketing mix?  What tips would you offer to others?  Any interesting discoveries?  Please share in the comments section.


4 Responses to Dawn’s World Weekly News 12 10 2011

  1. Wayne Schulz says:

    Watching and evaluating while actively participating. It will be like any other new web activity. I’ll keep an eye on the web stats and search results.

    Google+ is looking as if it has potential to greatly expand beyond just another social site. They’ve added the ability to auto update other users contact lists (provided they are Gmail users) which is very helpful to me as a Google Apps user, you can now message other users who have you in circles via Gtalk, circles now work in Gmail.

    That being said I’ve been through a number of trendy sites that ultimately went nowhere fast (Friendfeed comes to mind) and social media overload is a reality for most people. Google needs some “must have” features on Google+ to attract everyday users. Their brand pages were weak. Circles is largely a consumer offering. I’m eager to see a few business oriented “must haves” or Google+ will largely become home to marketing and SEO types.

    • Dawn says:

      Wayne – thanks for the comment. I’ve noticed the same thing with regard to integration with Gmail – though the practical aspect of using it when most B2Bs are using non-gmail email for business is minimal. I’ve also used Hang outs for video conferencing with colleagues.

      As it is constructed now, there is a lot of manual work. In addition to the primary email of a contact, should I now be asking if they have a gmail account for my records, etc. Also, there isn’t the same kind of open integration between Google+ and other apps – that is I can view FB, LI and Twitter feeds through TweetDeck but not the G+ stream. I can update FB, LI, and Twitter through ping.fm but not G+ – so it means every G+ update is manual.

      Also I have not seen a way to search G+ streams for specific content the way you could search Twitter by key word or hash tag.

      However, I’ve noticed that my Google+ accounts have jumped to the first search listing for both my name and Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC. So I have to believe that there is search benefit from being active in G+.

      It’s also relatively new – so I have to believe there will be enhancements coming.

  2. […] A short but helpful summary on pros and cons of Google Plus and why you need to have a page. via dawnwesterberg.com Comments […]

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