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B2B Marketing Fuel – Part 2 Storify.com

When I was at the Duct Tape Marketing Gathering 2011, John Jantsch recommended storify.com as a handy tool.

To be honest, when I first looked at it, I thought, what’s the big deal?  But as I’ve played with it, I see numerous applications for B2B companies.

Like most free platforms, storify.com requires that you set up an account and a profile.  Be sure to take advantage of the profile and include the key words you use for SEO on your website.

Here are the practical uses I see for storify.com:

Save search streams – I am guilty of searching for things, finding great information and then not having a record of where the great information came from.  Storify.com solves all this.  I was researching other tools and save the search result through storify.com and published my results.  There is a two-fold benefit:  I have a record of my search and other can learn about me as a result of my search.

As an example, I was looking at B2B applications for Google+.  With storify.com, I saved my results and created the following list, http://storify.com/DWesterberg/b2b-marketing-uses-for-google – beyond allowing me to return to my research results, storify.com allows me to publish the results and share them via one link and associate it with my account and brand.

Have you ever pulled together information for a prospect?  Storify.com allows you to aggregate that information in a much more visibly pleasing delivery format than link after link listed in an email.  The other benefit is, if there are others that can benefit from the same search results, your storify.com published list is a quick and visually pleasing way to deliver aggregate information. So let’s say someone is looking for information on cloud-based accounting solutions, I can pull together a list from my client InnoVergent and their thought leadership articles and publish them via storify.com.

Other ways that I think storify.com could benefit B2B organizations – an easy way to aggregate information about your company.  Do you have alliance partners?  Why not create search results via storify.com on the common key word(s) you and you alliance partner(s) share?

Storify.com allows you to share the information in a much more attractive manner than an email with multiple links, you can also publish your curated list fo.r other to  benefit from – like John Jantsch did with his Google+ tutorial list.

As I’ve been researching social media platforms and tools to discuss in my upcoming presentations, I’ve used storify.com as a means to store and publish the information.

The one ironic thing about storify.com – is that you cannot search storify (as you would Google, YouTube, etc.) to find information.  Bizarre, since storify.com is all about search.  However, they are working on this – and it should be a feature in the near future.

Are there any other ways you would recommend using storify.com?  Please share in the comments section.


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