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B2B Marketing Fuel – Part 1 Gravatar.com

B2B Marketing Fuel Turning the Gears of B2B Marketing Momentum

This is the first in the series B2B Marketing Fuel:  Turning the gears of B2B marketing momentum.  This series will focus on tools, platforms and applications that help amplify your B2B marketing online presence.

It happened totally by accident.  In order to provide everything requested of me by CitizenWire who is syndicating my B2B Marketing blog articles, I had to set up an account at Gravatar.com.

Gravatar is a very simple, free tool that associates an avatar (a photo or logo) with your online user name and follows you from site to site.  So, if I’m reading a blog post and I chose to comment, gravatar will automatically place my image next to my comment.  It’s simply a way to put a face or visual brand with a name.

I set up my gravatar account a couple of months ago.  I wouldn’t have given it another thought (unless of course I updated my photo) except that I started seeing it appear in my Google Analytics.

As of this writing, it is in the top 10 sources of visitors according to Google Analytics.  My number one source is Google organic and my number two source is direct – the traffic from gravatar is 10% of Google organic and 20% of direct traffic to my website.

Something else to consider, it appears the gravatar traffic is interested in my website content (overwhelmingly B2B Marketing posts).  The overall average pages viewed per visit on my site is 1.69; average pages viewed per visit from gravatar visits is 2.67.  The overall average time visitors spend on my site is 1:25 minutes.  Gravatar visitors spend 6:10 minutes!

This simple but powerful little tool gets results; results worth the couple of minutes it will take you to register.

Do you use gravatar?  Are you seeing it appear in your analytics?  Is there another tool that has shown you similar results?  Please let us know in the comments section.

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